Inspiring Women Changemakers is a dynamic movement of women leaders, working to create positive social impact.

We’re a movement of values-driven women with pressing things on our minds. We come together to solve the issues that matter to us – in business or society. We’re not about afternoon teas, fashion shows or frippery.  Our mission is serious, but we still have fun.

Hi, I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers. I’d love you to join the movement. Why? Through my own experiences of making change, I’ve know how amazing it feels to have the support, encouragement and guidance of like-minded people.

The profile and opportunities it has brought me are far greater than anything I would’ve experienced through work alone. I want you to benefit too, so I created Inspiring Women Changemakers!

Whether you’re an individual who’d like to make change with the support of a supportive community of women leaders, or a switched-on company who understands that creating social impact will benefit your business, there are two ways you can get involved.

You can become a member, or you can engage our trusted Associates to help shape your initiatives.

It’s time to come together and get focussed. Here’s how.

  • Create Positive Social Change

  • Drive Diversity & Inclusive Cultures

  • Grow your Influence & Brand

Join Us! There are benefits for individuals and for organisations. Discover how you can get involved in the movement here.

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