Inspiring Women Changemakers is a dynamic movement of women

leading transformational change: at work, in society, and in the world

We develop courageous modern leaders,

igniting you to take inspired action

 We teach you the creative approaches and ways of thinking to help you to drive positive social change.

By inspiring you through the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things and giving you access to our extensive network of people willing to help, we uncover your true potential. Are you ready?

Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers

Hi, I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers.

Do you want a life full of purpose, meaning, and connection? Then it’s time to start speaking up!

Years of professional lobbying gave me the skills needed to create the impact that I want to make in the worldI want to pass these skills on, by teaching you the art of communication – online and offline.

I advocate emotional correctness, unapologetically speaking up for what you believe in, in a way that is non-confrontational, yet highly effective.

Your voice is your power. Let me help you be heard.

We teach you how to speak up:

For yourself, for others and for social issues

Through our Speak Up Series, our team gives you the skills that you need to drive transformational change

“To change something from being dominated by one group of people, you have got to have somebody who is willing to step over the threshold. But we can make little changes…

That’s how we’re going to change things. The change starts with you, but then it evolves because you seek out opportunities and start to promote different ideas and different ways of working.” 

Rowena Houston, Head of Leeds Office, Investec Wealth & Investment

Each year, we celebrate inspiring women changemakers though our ‘Igniting Inspiration’ Awards. We also work with organisations to implement our unique approach in their own recognition events.

Support the Movement

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