Inspiring Women Changemakers is a dynamic movement of women leading transformational change – in work, in society, and in the world

Hi, I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers. Through my movement, I encourage women to speak up: for themselves, for others and for social issues.

Why? Because I know first-hand that participation in civic society leads to a life full of purpose, meaning, and connection. Years of lobbying policy-makers and MPs, speaking in the UK and abroad, and regular media appearances have equipped me with the skills I needed to create the impact that I want to make in the world.

Your voice is your power. Let me help you be heard.

Working Together

Based on my experiences, I’d love to teach you the art of impactful communication and influence – online and offline. I advocate emotional correctness, debating in a way that is respectful, whilst setting healthy boundaries and unapologetically speaking up for what you believe in. I believe it’s key to effective dialogue.

With a little help from my friends, I share the tools and techniques that you need to drive transformational change. So whether you’re a business leader who is struggling to keep your team engaged, or a campaigner trying to raise awareness of your cause, I can show you how.

Speak up for Self

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Speak up for Others

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Speak up for Social Issues

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Since 2013, I’ve been working hard to raise awareness of Female Genital Mutilation. I’m crowdfunding to tackle FGM through producing a practical guide for frontline workers in Yorkshire. Sponsor me?

A group of Inspiring Women Changemakers

“To change something from being dominated by one group of people, you have got to have somebody who is willing to step over the threshold. But we can make little changes…

That’s how we’re going to change things. The change starts with you, but then it evolves because you seek out opportunities and start to promote different ideas and different ways of working.”

Rowena Houston, Head of Leeds Office, Investec Wealth & Investment

Rowena is a valued Patron of Inspiring Women Changemakers

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