The value of emotion and human connection in politics

Last week, Todd, a member of the Inspiring Women Changemakers Collective, shared a great TED Talk by political pundit Sally Kohn.

She says it’s time for liberals and conservatives to transcend their political differences and really listen to each other. In her talk, she reveals what she learned as a progressive lesbian ‘talking head’ on Fox News.

You may be surprised that she calls not about political correctness,  but rather, emotional correctness.

This talk had quite a few of us thinking about emotion and human connection. It no doubt influenced this great vlog by another IWC Collective member, Peg.

She asks “Why is anger in politics OK, but crying is not?” Why is one a more valid emotion than the other?

On this day of a surprise call for snap election in the UK, we feel that the timing of this message was right.

Peg Alexander is a TV & Radio presenter, Journalist, Speaker and Writer. Prior to this, she worked at a senior level for over 20 years as a consultant in the public, vol/com and multi-agency sectors. Her key skills areas are in public and social policy, campaigning, regeneration and service delivery.

Her skills are getting people to talk: seeking solutions for change, gaining buy-in, developing partnerships and engaging stakeholders. Contact us to hear how you can engage Peg.

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