We help women leaders evolve as changemakers to drive transformational change in organisations and communities.

Working with Us

Inspiring Women Changemakers isn’t for everyone. We choose to work with people who are aligned with our values. We work with:

  • Organisations who understand that their women leaders are their biggest asset when it comes to transformational, participative change; and
  • Women leaders within those organisations who are ready to make an impact by evolving as changemakers.

There’s more: by working with us, you enable us to give 10% of our time per month on a pro bono basis to the causes that matter to us.

A group of Inspiring Women Changemakers

“To change something from being dominated by one group of people, you have got to have somebody who is willing to step over the threshold. But we can make little changes…

That’s how we’re going to change things. The change starts with you, but then it evolves because you seek out opportunities and start to promote different ideas and different ways of working.”

Rowena Houston, Head of Leeds Office, Investec Wealth & Investment and Inspiring Women Changemakers Partner Member.

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