A human Rolodex. A magnet. The Northern Powerhouse.

These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Anj Handa, the driving force behind Inspiring Women Changemakers.

Energetic, engaging and eternally curious, she has worked internationally in the field of social impact, diversity and inclusion. In 2014, she led a high-profile human rights campaign which attracted global media and political attention and the interest of MPs and personalities such as Richard Branson.

Working with Anj is akin to hiring an architect. She’ll put clarity around your vision, work with you to draw up your plans and recommend efficiencies.

As your initiatives take shape, draw on the skills of the IWC Collective to develop your idea, do the measurements, put in a solid structure and ensure a sustainable model.

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The IWC Collective

When you join IWC, you’ll also get access to the opportunities, skills, contacts and information needed to accelerate change. As you start to develop your ideas, our trusted Associates are on hand to support you.

They will help you to build positive social impact inside and outside your business in a way that surpasses legislation and subsequently boosts your reputation and revenues.

Anj Handa

Anj Handa

Ideas Architect and Connector

Anj is an inspirational speaker, writer and connector who harnesses her influence and communication skills to drive positive social impact.

As a NED, she has Board level experience of large-scale project investment and appraisal, coupled with a track record of leading sector and inclusion-based business networks and lobbying policy-makers for change.

This experience allows her to bring in the right partners and resources to transform your organisational visions into reality.

Bernadette Speight

Bernadette Speight

Social Impact Valuator

Bernadette Speight is a registered Social Auditor. She can help your organisation identify your social impact, plan for and gather evidence of your social value; and embed the processes you need to measure, track and report on social value to transform how you operate and engage with all your stakeholders.

Helen Greenwood

Helen Greenwood

HR Heroine

Helen Greenwood has 25 years’ generalist HR experience across the full range of HR activities, particularly around Diversity and Equality, employee relations, HR Policies, Talent Management, Pay and Reward and performance coaching.

She provides outsourced HR to provide support with all aspects of managing the employment relationship.

Jen Walper Roberts

Jen Walper Roberts

The Consummate Coach

Jen Walper Roberts is an International Coaching Federation ACC qualified coach with 20 years‘ experience. Jen’s coaching practice, Conspire Coaching focuses on the leadership and career development of professional, mission-driven women.

She’s also worked with hundreds of leaders of US community-based organisations through Dare Mighty Things.

Peg Alexander

Peg Alexander

Media Maverick and Fearless Facilitator

Peg Alexander is a TV & Radio presenter, Journalist, Speaker and Writer. Prior to this, she worked at a senior level for over 20 years as a consultant in the public, vol/com and multi-agency sectors in public/social policy, campaigning, regeneration and service delivery.

Her skills are getting people to talk: seeking solutions for change, gaining buy-in, developing partnerships and engaging stakeholders.

Todd Hannula

Todd Hannula

Social Impact Sage and Storyteller

Todd Hannula is an experienced NED who has served on private, non-profit, public Boards and advisory groups. Todd injects ideas and fresh thinking to build strategies key to achieving near-term objectives with long-term sustainability.

He’s a co-founder of Shine, selected as the inaugural and ongoing host of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 UK Small Businesses Programme, and co-founder and producer at daCunha.

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