Ready for Transformational Change?

Some organisations just pay lip service to social responsibility and they’re not drawing on the skills of one of their biggest assets – their women leaders. They’re missing a trick. According to the CBI, increasing female employment and productivity to the levels of men would increase GDP by 35% and yet women continue to be under-represented at a senior level.

How are you engaging and developing your female executives? Are their innovative ideas and creativity being harnessed in a way that drives transformational change? Are they being effectively supported?

Our values-driven expert team, hand-picked by me, is on hand to support and develop them as they become changemakers, leading your organisation’s social impact and inclusion goals.

We focus on three key areas for maximum impact.

  • Social Impact

    We can help you design, measure and embed your Social Impact initiatives.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We will advise you on the best ways to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds.

  • Influence & Communication

    We equip your female executives with the skills to become influencers – on-line and offline.

The IWC Associate Team

How we work with you

It starts with a conversation with our Founder. Working with Anj is akin to hiring an architect. Bring her in to put clarity around your vision, work with you to draw up your plans and recommend efficiencies.

As your initiatives take shape, Anj will draw on the team to develop your idea, do the measurements, put in a solid structure and ensure a sustainable model.

We’re great at building the narrative and creating safe spaces for dialogue around change. We bring together partners from diverse backgrounds and sectors to effect solutions, working with influencers of all genders.

By providing fresh, though-provoking ideas and different ways of working, combined with the team’s expertise, resources and contacts, we help bring your initiatives to life.

Take a look at our Associates’ profiles, or simply get in touch to discuss how we can help. P.S. Members are eligible for discounted rates on our services.