Why I’m Crowfunding

I’m on a mission to tackle Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). I need your help! Will you enable me to produce a practical guide for practitioners in my region? By doing so, you could help people such as teachers and prison officers.

Some of you may know of my high-profile legal and media campaign in 2014 based on two girls seeking asylum on the grounds of risk of FGM. The girls remain my motivation to continue campaigning.

I have learned so much from working alongside legal and medical practitioners, and from being invited into the homes of survivors. I want to share the knowledge and perspectives that hearing these diverse voices gave me more widely.

Each time I’ve delivered awareness sessions for schools and prisons, workers have been so appreciative – either they hadn’t previously found a workshop, or had no time to attend.

At a time of deep cuts to public services, I feel a free online guide such as this would spread awareness and information to a wider audience.

According to global evidence, the majority of girls tend to be cut around the age of five and up to age 17. FGM is child abuse. But it doesn’t happen in Yorkshire, right? Wrong. In a 2014 report co-authored with Dr Jean Garrod, we put the Leeds figure at around 2667 girls and women impacted by FGM; and in my recent Open Letter to Local Authority CEOs in my region, I highlighted the latest NHS Digital data of 500 newly recorded cases in Yorkshire in 16/17.

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