Recognising Women Changemakers

Women who are working hard to make a positive difference to their workplaces or communities often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

They work tirelessly and rarely stop to reflect on the impact that they’ve made on the people around them. They’re usually reluctant to put themselves forward for accolades, because they don’t feel they’re doing anything special.

Too many positive stories are going unheard!

That’s why we want to showcase their work. Because while there are numerous campaigns for women in business, there is no one campaign – online or offline – that regularly promotes the dedication of women changemakers. By doing so, we hope to engage and inspire others… starting in Yorkshire.

Celebration event:

23 November 2017, The Opportunity Centre, Bradford

Why Igniting Inspiration was created

We love creating connections and raising awareness of the positive social change being made in business and society.

We hate events that are too big and noisy to make conversation or meet new connections. We don’t like shortlists. The process is long and often feels unfair, and those who don’t win leave disappointed. And we’ve had enough of dinners with bland melon, dry chicken and limited options for people with dietary needs.

Awards with a Difference

So we’ve created Igniting Inspiration! Instead of shortlists, at our event we will simply celebrate one individual or organisation from each of the five categories listed below.

We feel there’s greater value in raising awareness of your social impact initiatives right away and we’ll help you to make the right connections before, during and after the event.

That’s why we’re asking you to nominate a woman who deserves recognition or share your story for publication across our social media channels.

On the night, you’ll be welcomed with a drink, generously sponsored by North Bar, followed by storytelling and meaningful conversations over tasty food served by young people from aspire-igen.

The Awards Categories

  • Heart of Gold

    for an individual who has made a huge difference to someone’s life. Sponsored by aspire-igen.

  • Community Champion

    for an individual who’s made an outstanding contribution to their community. Sponsored by Clarion Solicitors.

  • Social Impact Star

    for an individual who has made scalable change in their workplace or community.

  • Sustainability Savvy Organisation

    for an organisation that has implemented sustainable business practices. Sponsored by Not Just an FD.

  • Diversity-Driven Business Organisation

    for an organisation that is committed to diversity and inclusivity.