Igniting Inspiration – Recognising Women Changemakers

Igniting Inspiration is a year-round campaign to promote the dedication and achievements of women changemakers – online and offline

Women who are making a positive difference in their workplaces or communities often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

We share their stories to ensure that women changemakers are both seen AND heard!

Our Awards with a Difference

We love to recognise women changemakers. They work tirelessly and rarely stop to reflect on the impact that they’ve made on the people around them.

They’re usually reluctant to put themselves forward for accolades, because they don’t feel they’re doing anything special. Too many positive stories go unheard!

That’s why we are dedicated to sharing their inspirational stories, online and offline. And we’ve witnessed how their achievements inspire even greater positive social action.

Our year-round campaign showcases the achievements and dedication of women changemakers in the North, and culminates with an annual celebration event each November.

Creating Connection

We love creating connections and raising awareness of positive social change being made in business and society. We feel there’s greater value in raising awareness of your social impact initiatives throughout the year.

We’re tired of events that are too big and too noisy to make conversation or meet new connections. We don’t like shortlists, because the process is long and often feels unfair, and those who don’t win leave disappointed. And we’ve definitely had enough of uninspiring dinners!

So we created Igniting Inspiration!

Recognising ALL Nominees

We don’t have shortlists! On awards night, one woman from each of the categories listed below will be celebrated, but the achievements of all nominees are recognised over the course of the year.

How? We publish each nomination across our social media channels and help women changemakers make the right connections before, during and after the event itself, facilitating introductions to potential partners, funders, supporters and even the media.

That’s why we ask you to nominate a Northern woman who deserves recognition (or to share your own story) so that others can support you in making the world a better place.

Nominations for #IWC2018 open on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018

The 2018 Award Categories

  • Heart of Gold

    for a woman who has made a huge difference to another person’s life

  • Community Champion

    for a woman who has made an outstanding contribution within her community

  • Social Impact Star

    for a woman who has made scaleable change within her workplace or community

Igniting Inspiration winners