Why is social change needed?

We’re all being affected by a prolonged period of low economic growth and inequality in our communities. As global citizens, we have the choice to use our advantages for the benefit of wider society.

We have much more power than we know – through the way we buy, through our influence and our networks, and our professional advantages.

Inspiring Women Changemakers seeks to address issues that affect our wider communities. Our particular focus is on women, who still experience disproportionate inequalities in pay, health, education and access to finance.

It makes business sense

According to the CBI, increasing female employment and productivity to the levels of men would increase GDP by 35%.

This is why joining Inspiring Women Changemakers makes business sense. Membership will enable you to make a positive impact that will boost your profile, not only in business, but as an influential leader in wider society.

We’re a community of values-driven, professional women who collectively have great power to influence issues that matter and accelerate change through our combined networks, creative ideas and knowledge. Join us!

If you’re an individual…

Being seen (and heard) as a changemaker will open up opportunities, giving you new skills and raise your profile as an influential citizen of the world.

If you represent a company…

Global events mean that having responsible business practices is no longer a ‘nice-to-do’, it’s a ‘must-do’. You know that it will impact positively on your triple bottom line.