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Our team, known as ‘The Collective’, has been brought together by Anj, They’re people with integrity who are great to work with and have been selected for their values, insights and reputation, as well as their skills. Learn more about us below, or get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Anj – Our Connector & Ideas Architect

Anj is a businesswoman, speaker and writer who harnesses her influence and communication skills to drive positive social change.

As a NED, she has Board level experience of large-scale design and implementation of diversity, inclusion and social impact programmes. Since 2003, she has worked with organisations in the UK, Europe and the US, working collaboratively to create better opportunities for people in business and society and lobbying to change policy that hinders them.

This experience allows her to bring in the right partners and resources to transform your organisational visions into reality.

Anj is multilingual, speaking fluent German and Punjabi as well as French and Hindi.

Photo of Anj Handa

Anj is an excellent example of a woman in business who acts as, and is treated as, an equal, without losing the feminine touch. She has loads of credibility with other business people with whom I work. She is a great role model.  Director, BT

Minoti – Our Master of Ceremonies

Indian born businesswoman Minoti moved to the UK three years ago. As a former sports TV presenter and Master of Ceremonies with 1500 global events under her belt, Minoti is a woman who has challenged society’s expectations of how she should show up in the world.

Minoti frequently pairs with Anj to deliver workshops in impactful public speaking.

Photo of Minoti Parikh

“Minoti is a an excellent anchor and a great trainer. She has immaculate understanding of the subject and delivers with immense passion, leaving the audience (be it students/crowd alike) enthralled. Minoti is flexible and a great executor. She will definitely add value to any organisation.”

Richard – Our Media Handler

Richard Horsman is an award-winning journalist with a long career in the media. He can help you to prepare for media interviews in either proactive or reactive situations, focusing on the content of your message without the distraction of video technology.

He believes that knowing how to prepare concisely for radio also helps in preparation for print/online interviews. For those clients who require video preparation, Richard can cover the basics (using HD widescreen quality equipment), or can bring in a video trainer colleague for higher-level sessions.

Photo of Richard Horsman

“Richard trained me in media handling nine years ago and the skills he taught me have been invaluable. Since then, I’ve gone on to give TV and radio interviews at a local, national and international level and have even started to write as a contributing journalist for press publications.”

Peg – Our Media Maverick and Fearless Facilitator

Peg Alexander is a TV & Radio presenter, Journalist, Speaker and Writer. Prior to this, she worked at a senior level for over 20 years as a consultant in the public, vol/com and multi-agency sectors.

Areas she has worked in includes public/social policy, campaigning, regeneration and service delivery.

Peg’s skills are getting people to talk: seeking solutions for change, gaining buy-in, developing partnerships and engaging stakeholders.

Photo of Peg Alexander

“Passion, enthusiasm, commitment and energy are the words to best describe Peg. She’s is a smart, mature and dependable individual who always leads by example. Her inclusive and collaborative style of working encourages the broadest support and ‘buy-in’ making her an asset to any organisation.”

Todd – Our Storyteller

Todd Hannula is an experienced NED who has served on private, non-profit, public Boards and advisory groups.

Todd injects ideas and fresh thinking to build strategies key to achieving near-term objectives with long-term sustainability.

He’s a co-founder of Shine, selected as the inaugural and ongoing host of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 UK Small Businesses Programme, and co-founder and producer at daCunha.

Photo of Todd Hannula

“Todd has the same ability as the sun insofar as he illuminates people and projects. He’s got the rare quality of being able to enhance what’s already there or hiding in the shadows… He’s a powerful writer and storyteller, not to mention bright, passionate, questioning, honest, reflective and direct.”