Hi, I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers.

We’re a movement of professional, purposeful women who work solve the issues that matter to us – in our workplaces or communities. We’re not about afternoon teas, fashion shows or frippery. Our mission is serious (but we still have fun).

Through my own changemaking work, I know that stepping up as a global citizen boosts your profile and brings opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined, even if it feels overwhelming at the start.

It’s for you if you’re a woman leader who wants to drive change with the support of others. Collectively we have great power to influence issues that matter and accelerate change through our combined networks, creative ideas and knowledge. Get involved!

 Join our Community

Membership will enable you to make a positive impact that will boost your profile, not only in within your organisation, but as an influential leader in wider society. It will challenge you, but also help you step up as a role model.

It’s time to open up and share ideas and experiences. When you join the movement, you will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded peers – speaking positively about your business and boosting your reputation.

You don’t have to do it alone. I know that women leaders frequently feel unsupported – I did too. By joining Inspiring Women Changemakers, you don’t need to seek out a support network as I did… we’re right here for you.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of membership. To discuss how you can join, simply email me at anj@inspiringwomenchangemakers.co.uk to book a call.

  • Boost reputation and profile

    by stepping up to lead on social impact and inclusion initiatives

  • Enhanced network

    through introductions to other senior-level women

  • Engage experts

    through IWC’s collective of trusted associates, who are experts in social impact, diversity and inclusion, and influence and personal brand

  • Deeper personal growth

    by developing new skills and stepping out of comfort zones

  • Access

    influential contacts, skills, knowledge and opportunities

  • Discretion

    through using the network to drive initiatives (behind the scenes, if you wish), that are sensitive in nature or don’t form part of your core offer

Let’s talk!

Contact Anj to discuss you can join the Inspiring Women Changemakers community.