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    Cyber Resilience: The Human Firewall

    Three perspectives on the cause and effect of cyber trauma. Co-authored by trauma expert, Catherine Knibbs, Cyber Security advisor, Gary Hibberd and Mental Health practitioner and bereaved friend, ANj Handa

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    Support after Suicide letter

    Thank you letter to IWC Founder Anj Handa from Public Health England following publication of suicide prevention guidance for local commissioners.

Case Studies
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    Case Study on The Nutritional Realist

    Case Study: Meet Lisa Chothia who changed her own life through nutrition and now helps many others to change theirs.

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    Case Study on Digibete

    A case study on Madeleine Julian, Leeds who, together with her husband set up Digibete to provide information on Type 1 Diabetes in children following their toddler's diagnosis.

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    Case Study on One Voice Choir

    A case study on former pop star Sue Hibberd who brings together many voices for World Peace Day Choirs.

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    Case Study on Rotary International Peace Fellow

    A case study on Jill Mann from Together for Peace, Leeds who was selected for the Rotary International Peace Fellowship programme in Bangkok in 2017.