Calling campaigners, lobbyists and educators…

Stop yelling into the void – and be heard, without having to raise your voice

Speak Up for Social Action is our programme created especially to help with communicating your social mission in a way that inspires and engages.

Getting your messaging right is crucial. Over-sensationaling your message or believing that everyone will agree with you can lead to an opposite result than the one you desire.

I’ll teach you how to blend facts with an effective story and give an easy-to-implement call to action. Too many campaigners miss these simple steps.

What you’ll Learn

You will learn how to structure your communications in a way that you can easily slot in timely information, sandwiched between a strong start and finish.

We help you to spot what might be undermining your delivery e.g. words, habits. You’ll also get to practice techniques to boost your confidence and steady your voice.

  • Understanding your ‘why’

  • Identifying your hook & solution

  • Creating your structure

  • Developing a strong start and close & a call to action

  • Selecting the most impactful stats

  • Techniques for inner calm and external poise

  • Handling difficult questions

  • Embracing your personal style

  • Engaging a wider audience of potential advocates & volunteers

  • Identifying Funding and Partnerships

Photo of Leigh Coghill by Sean Hansford