Inspiring Women Changemakers

for women dedicated to uplifting other women – at home and abroad

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“If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.”

Why we place a global focus on women

Inspiring Women Changemakers stands for fairness of opportunity for women and those who identify as female – in their relationships, income and wellbeing.

Why? Because households, workplaces and communities alike benefit when women are active, empowered citizens.

And yet women around the world, at all levels, still experience disproportionate inequalities in jobs, pay, health, education and access to finance.

We’re working to put an end to this unfairness. Will you help us?

We’re for you if...

You’re a social business owner or campaigner working in the space of improving the lives of women, or…

You want to influence social policy for the betterment of women and girls, or…

You’re active in your community, driving social change to help women and the people around them to flourish, or…

You have an urge to do more and want to be connected to, and inspired by, women changemakers, or…

You know this work is needed and simply want to support our work.

Join Inspiring Women Changemakers

We’re a global women-led movement of people who work to uplift women in their home countries and abroad.

We come together to lobby and campaign on the policy and social issues that hold women back. We do this by drawing on our skills, our networks and our influence, using our advantages for good.

We build campaigns, open doors for each other,  make introductions and connect to share our expertise and our learning.

Join the Inspiring Women Changemakers community today!

We work with organisations too

Learn more about how we work with you to develop your female talent.

Through our coaching and programmes, we give your women leaders the tools, techniques and strategies to become highly effective leaders in a global economy.

Bring us in to develop women within your organisation, enabling them to navigate workplace challenge and change with ease.