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Nakita Kayumba is originally from St Catherine, Jamaica and has lived in Leeds for 17 years. She’s been an entrepreneur since 2004 and has helped other business owners to develop their enterprises.

She studied Business Administration and Management at Park Lane College, winning their Most Improved Business award.

Nakita started her first business in handmade greeting cards and wedding invitations. She then went on to study book-keeping and finance via distance learning. One  of her initiatives is non-profit community organisation, Kingdom Government.

Kingdom Government specialises in providing education and training which has a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable new migrants.

Who will the initiative help/who has it helped already?

Nakita’s passion is to support those men and women who have the skills to succeed in their desired career or business choice, but have experienced difficulties in progressing because of barriers such as language, culture, not understanding, or having the access to more tailored and 1-2-1 support.

What’s worked? 

Engaging with different community groups has helped her to encourage people to learn and succeed. Her approach is positive and community friendly. The most important thing she gives people is her time, to get them to a stage where they can learn and work to reach their full potential.

This has really improved their confidence and achievement levels. The 1-2-1 support is provided in Nakita’s own time. This is a crucial factor in meeting a gap where such support is not readily available.

Through this  1-2-1 support, a lady from the Roma community has succeeded in completing her online diploma which she did not think she could achieve. It’s enabled her confidently plan start service delivery through her own Community Interest Company. 

What have you learnt? Any challenges?

It takes an extremely long time to encourage individuals and support their needs, but once this milestone is achieved, there is such a positive change in their enthusiasm and commitment to develop. It’s this aspect that Nakita addresses and where she has seen great results.

What’s next?

Nakita is currently working on how she can meet this gap with others who are new to Leeds.

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

Partnering with online course providers, translators and local organisation would be helpul. She feels it is important to help them understand barriers to employment and how flexibility in provision could increase the prospects of the people she supports in all areas of their lives.


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