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Christine Rayner

Christine Rayner has been nominated by the Headteacher of Hunslet Carr Primary School. They say “Christine has worked at Hunslet Carr for 26 years in a number of different roles and now works as the Office and Finance manager for the school.

We want to nominate Christine for this award for the impact she has had on the school community over the years. In short, she makes sure everything is in place to allow the school to work smoothly.

Through her skills and knowledge, Christine has ensured that, despite difficult economic times, the schoolchildren have always had the resources in place to give them the best start in life.”

Who has she helped?

“Christine’s talents are endless and she manages to spin several plates all at the same time.  While ensuring the school’s accounts are in credit she is also able to make sure that the office runs smoothly, staff and visitors are cared for, children are looked after and that the school is a happy place.

When she has a few moments spare she is writing to local charities for donations for raffles, fairs and presents for the children at Christmas and Easter.”

What’s worked?

“This year Christine has managed the transition in the office brilliantly. After the retirement of a long-serving member of the office staff, Christine has mentored a very talented lady to take over that role. She oversaw the successful introduction of new person into the team, all the while making sure that the school community wasn’t impacted.”

What have you learnt? Any challenges?

“Despite not having the easiest of years in her home life, Christine has showed me how one person’s dedication and drive for her community can overcome any obstacle put in their way.”

What’s next?

“Christine will be continuing to work within school to ensure we can continue to manage the budget effectively.

Increases in the minimum wage, teachers’ wages, National Insurance contributions and pension contributions have also increased the school’s outcomes significantly without a raise in the amount of money given from Government.  The challenge for Christine is to ensure our community continues to have the best start in life.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help?

“My advice to anyone who works with someone like Christine is to make the most of them as they are few and far between and they will be impossible to replace.”

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