Photo of Sophie Stansfield of Transform Lives

Sophie Stansfield

Sophie has been nominated by Tracy Fishwick of Transform Lives. Tracy says “Sophie is 21 years old and is a key part of team Transform Lives in Liverpool. Sophie was an apprentice at the University of Liverpool but she knew she wanted to do something that helped people.

She didn’t want a 9-5 admin role, so she volunteered to work on our project, with us, to learn how to help long-term unemployed people get a job.”

Who has she helped?

Tracy says “Transform Lives Company (TLC) is a social enterprise in Liverpool. We are an all-woman team who take no nonsense. We can be formidable!”

What’s worked?

“Sophie has maturity beyond her years. She immediately stood out as an exceptional young woman who needed to be in a team where she could use her initiative, confidence and personality to impact on others’ lives.

Her enthusiasm and humour are but two qualities.  She never forgets anything! She always delivers! Everyone loves her and finds it easy to sit down and tell her what they need.

We created a job for her and the rest is history. She is now the linchpin in our team and makes it possible for us all to do what we do.  Sophie has played a crucial role in helping 50 people gain employment. ”

What has she learned? Any challenges?

“Sophie has taken on the challenge now of running our Work Hub, She works on a one-to-one basis with people who often have challenging and complex support needs and is never fazed.

She always finds a way, which is remarkable for someone of 21 who can be working with people aged 55+.”

What’s next?

“Sophie is now working towards her NVQ in Advice and Guidance. She’s become our ‘social media’ star is responsible for our creative tweets and blogs.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help?

“For Sophie to see how incredible she is among her peers across the North will be support enough.

She would make a brilliant role model for others. They might not be entrepreneurs in their own right, nor start-ups or creatives, but are making a massive difference in their chosen line of work in the community they live in.”

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