Finding Perspectives for a better society

How did you choose your brand name?

Finding Perspectives is a deliberate branding choice to catch attention. It puts the spotlight on the need for us to keep finding more perspectives rather than hide within our tunnel-vision approach to life.

It’s a challenge to myself, as well as to the clients I work with, to notice when falling into simplistic, uninspired thinking and practice.  The challenge is to broaden the view. We need to look out at the landscape we often fail to notice as we keep going down those often-dark tunnels.

Is there really only your way of seeing things? Do I really have the rights on a one-view-meets-all-needs approach? I don’t believe so. Click To Tweet

How can people come together to make change?

In an age of constantly growing knowledge and increasing appreciation of just how vast the universe is that we live within, it seems as though some groups of people are pulling back into their silos. They’re refusing to see the world in any way other than their own blinkered, predetermined and often prejudicial view.

This is so sad! There’s so much to be gained by opening our eyes to see the myriad of experiences, insights, visions and potential within our local, regional, national and international positions in life.

There is a swell of ‘us and them’ thinking impacting negatively upon the political spectrum and reducing life to perceptions of division, exclusion, withdrawal.  However, thankfully there is also a growth of people and groups coming together, including one another and participating.

How do you support that change?

I offer opportunities for individuals and teams to explore what they have in common. We talk about what they can fruitfully share, and how they can work more productively together than individually.

Finding Perspectives represents a worldview of inclusion, growth, vision, expanded perceptions of the world around us, through working to strengthen community groups, charities, small businesses and others to provide a voice for people who are vulnerable, isolated, lonely or unsure.

Inspiring Women Changemakers is heart-led by Anj Handa. It’s a movement gathering of people and organisations who are passionate about inclusion, vision, inspiration and diversity.

My organisation is founded on the same values and the same hopes. I have a vision of people finding the passion within themselves and in their teams to take actions which will enhance our communities, strengthen inclusion and develop far more varied and informative perspectives on the issues we face.

Inspiring Women Changemakers is a dynamic, women-led movement for positive social change: in business, in society, and in the world. We help our members to powerfully communicate, connect and campaign. Join us!