Photo of Mizbah Rafiq

Mizbah Rafiq

Mizbah Rafiq has been nominated by Tayba Azim. Tayba says “I am nominating Mizbah as she has continuously been there for me when I have needed someone I trust and can ask for support with ‘chauffeuring’ duties. As a single mum, sometimes it felt overwhelming trying to figure out how to be in two places at once when one child is at one end of the city and the other at the other end.

When she has known I’m having a low mood day or that other things are going on for me, she always checks in. When I’ve been extremely ill and exhausted she has offered to help. She has been there for my children by taking them out, spoiling them and treating them as her own.  I truly appreciate this but what I really love about her is how she helps others.

Despite her own health difficulties, Mizbah is the first to help, support and encourage other individuals. You don’t have to be a close family or friend for her to make a difference in your life.”

Who has she helped?

“One such example is a mutual friend who has been friends with Mizbah for 20 years. It started off as a professional relationship and now she calls her a sister. Mizbah is supportive of her mother who has dementia and takes time out to visit them both and drive them to appointments.

There are several other women she knows who cannot drive. Mizbah offers lifts and takes them to their appointments or even concerts. She shares everything that comes her way, promoting other people’s businesses, helping strangers to find venues for their business and then becoming friends and showing them areas that could benefit.

Mizbah helped another friend to appointments, shopping and kept her company when she underwent surgery on her ankles. She stayed with her at home so that she could assist her with whatever she needed.

She has worked tirelessly in the community and now continues to be a wonderful inspiration to people dealing with a wide variety health conditions.

She is amazing at signposting for services in the community and supportive towards those in need of direction and guidance. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it openly and has taken part in many community events, charities and is always giving.”

What’s worked?

“She has a great way of bonding with people with her humour and charming personality. I have met some people through her who are now my friends. She is a beautiful soul and everyone loves her for her wit.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“Mizbah has long struggled with her own mental health but has been an inspiration for others. She is such a powerful woman who has been through difficulties in life but fought and fought and come out stronger each time.

She took time out to heal herself in many ways and shares her experiences so that others can learn from it and don’t feel alone. She always tries to bring a smile and make a difference to anyone who crosses her path, who needs a helping hand, be it emotional or practical.”

What’s next?

“Alongside helping friends and family, she has always played an active role in raising money for various charities. She has done a skydive, she has done the Midnight Walk, mud race- you name it she has almost done it and if she hasn’t, it’s most certainly on her bucket list.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help?

Mizbah says “I would like to be able to work on projects helping, supporting and inspiring other women where my own skills are being utilised and developed to reach my full potential.”

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