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Victoria Field

Victoria Field of Perfect People has been nominated by Laura Norman of Chroma Marketing. Laura says “Victoria constantly works to support people within the local community build and grow their businesses by connecting people together. From providing training facilities, to supporting start-ups, Victoria’s mission is to create a confident, supportive business community in which all are welcome.

Initially offering virtual assistant services and networking events, Perfect People widened to better support SMEs in Yorkshire and beyond, such as setting up networking events where SMEs can bring their challenges to our tables, which Victoria works with them to resolve.”

Who has she helped/ who will she help?

Laura says “Already, Victoria has worked alongside and collaborated with over 750 businesses in the Yorkshire region, a number which is continually growing. Starting in Huddersfield, Victoria’s business now represents businesses in Huddersfield, Barnsley, Leeds and Bradford – among others.

Most of the people who Victoria has supported are people who are trying to develop their hobby into a business; those trying to build a better quality of life for them and their families.”

What’s worked?

“The main ways Victoria does her work within the community in Huddersfield is by connecting people together. She does this through getting to know everyone who comes across her path, grouping people together (whether facilitated by networking or by grabbing a coffee).

She keeps record of what everyone offers, and any specific things people need so that she can put people in touch with each other if they can help. She also runs community groups online which provide training materials to help bridge any skills gaps in the industries, aiding people to progress.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“The main challenges faced are about balancing diversity, positivity and opportunity to ensure everyone is treated equally and gets the most from collaborating. While many businesses focus on those with resources, Victoria ensures that every person in her community is equally represented through not favouring some over others.

By remaining impartial, Victoria tries to ensure that everyone has the chance to gain an opportunity and develop.”

What’s next?

“Victoria plans to widen her services within the community by highlighting collaborators’ services in training and development opportunities.

Not only this, but by linking these training opportunities with recruitment facilities, the next stage of her work is to bridge a local gap in sector skills to ensure that all upcoming employees and business people have access to an exciting, fulfilling career full of opportunity.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help her?

“People considered to be ‘experts’ within their fields who can speak at events or deliver workshops/training to the community. We are trying to grow the range of opportunities for development for the groups, so contacts confident in public speaking are always useful.”

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