Body portrait of Heidi Mavir

Heidi Mavir

Heidi Mavir has been nominated by fellow IWC member Gem Kennedy. Gem says “Heidi, aka Unstoppable Woman is truly that! Her work as a coach and advocate in the fields of neurodivergence and mental health helps a huge amount of people.

She is a public Speaker, qualified Mental Health Aider, Autistic adult, and Self Care Coach. She specialises in supporting people through periods of change and adversity, helping them to get really good at self-care.

Heidi believes that all humans deserve to feel unstoppable. With a focus on self-care and the motto “No guilt. No shame. No self-inflicted emotional pain”, Heidi provides unshakeable support to so many, whilst sharing hers and her wonderful daughter Tilly’s experience as an autistic family.

Through courses, talks, workshops, and content, Heidi’s work continues to inspire and educate all those who come into contact with her.”

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Who has she helped/who will she help?

Gem says “Heidi helps various communities, covering topics including mental health, neurodivergence, school refusal, self-care, parenting and so much more.”

What’s worked?

“Heidi says that being really gentle with herself after a mental health crisis has been paramount, as well as getting really clear about boundaries and working practices, having more downtime, curating who she surrounds herself with and self-care.”

What has she learned? Any challenges?

“The biggest learning for Heidi this year has been around finding people to work alongside and to mentor her who are like her – other autistic adults. Having not grown up around autistic adults, Heidi is aware of how important surrounding herself with them now is.

Having a group of people to who she doesn’t have to explain herself has been life-changing and has helped her overcome lots of challenges, even if it has been painful at times ensuring she is surrounded by the right people.

A challenge has been supporting herself around her own mental health, whilst still showing up for other people.”

What’s next?

“Heidi is planning to launch a podcast early in 2021, providing a platform for autistic people to share their experiences and amplify their voices. She is also applying to do an MA in Autism Studies at Sheffield Hallam University in September 2021.

When able to, she’d also love to be back on stages talking about her lived experience as an autistic adult, educating people about neurodivergence and mental health.”

What advice, contacts, or resources would help her?

“Heidi would like to find out more about different ways to get into organisations where she can give talks about to educate people about neurodivergence. You can also support her in setting up her podcast, ‘Autism, Actually!’ – contribute to her target crowdfunding goal of £1500 so that she can launch in early 2021!

Why we’re sharing these stories

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