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Jessica Saoud

Jessica Saoud has been nominated by Nickala Torkington of Flourish Together CIC. Jessica says “I believe all women have the potential to feel empowered & bring in new methods of leadership.

My vision is for women across the world to thrive as they unapologetically honour their values. And my philosophy is that this is a holistic self-exploration process encompassing the mental, emotional, physical and financial dimensions of a woman’s life.

My mission is to guide women during their journeys using techniques including holistic medicine, yoga, coaching and money mindset strategies, and to equip them with resources & tools that they can use throughout their lives.”


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Who have you helped/who will you help?

“I’ve hosted a money mindset workshop in Manchester and I create educational videos on YouTube. I’m also nurturing a community on Facebook to support women who want to manifest a life that aligns with their truth.

Some of the topics I talk about are re-writing limiting beliefs, money mindset and holistic living. I’ve also worked 1:1 with some amazing ladies specifically with their money mindset. One of the great pieces of feedback I received was “There were lots of “ah-ha” moments! I feel after just one session I have gained clarity on action steps I can take to change some of my limiting beliefs around money.”

I’ve also created an ‘Essential Abundance’ Workbook that helps in value exploration & recreating beliefs and habits while enhancing one’s money mindset. And through the Wai Yin Society, I’m an ESOL and Money Management tutor for people from minority ethnic communities – a project that, as a Syrian myself, is very dear to me.”

What’s worked?

“Cultivating resilience by continuing to get up. Believing in myself and in others because sometimes that is all someone needs to be able to see their inner power.

Some of the women are beginning to take the courageous step toward creating their unique lifestyle! One of my students has been less anxious when looking at her finances, another has been able to let go of the idea that talking about money is taboo.

And to quote one of my previous clients ‘She really knows how to connect with you, as well as getting straight to the core of your needs. She was able to not only articulate the WHAT is going on but also the HOW to get through it with action steps’.”

What have you learned? Any challenges?

“To just get started and take the first step, the road will start to get clearer once you move! And to keep moving forward even if it seems like the whole world doesn’t understand you. Because in time the right people will (like my mentors Naomi Timperley and Nickala Torkington).”

What’s next?

“The next project is geared toward hosting group events providing intensive support, as I’ve participated in group works before and have come to realise that there is so much untapped power when women get together to work on common goals.”

What advice, contacts, or resources would help you?

“Connecting with more women who share similar values!”

Why we’re sharing these stories

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