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An Interview with Victoria Clapham

Inspiring Women Changemakers member Victoria Clapham is the Founding Director of Bevic Marketing Services Ltd. She is a Chartered Marketer and CIM Fellow who has found her niche in working with values-led organisations.

Vicky, how did your business come about?

“I launched Bevic whilst on maternity leave with my second child (and with another child under five). I’d loved my corporate marketing life, working in house for a brilliant variety of organisations covering third sector, retail and the media but at that point in my career, having reached Director level, I honestly couldn’t see how I could continue doing a job I loved within the parameters of a ‘normal’ office role.

Unfortunately, pre-Covid, flexible, or remote working was not the norm. When a former work colleague got in touch with some freelance work to help promote the annual N2H8 Crime Awards, it was a great opportunity to see how being self-employed could work for me – and Bevic was born. The moniker is a combination of my children’s initials and my name.”

How has your work evolved? Which kinds of clients do you love working with?

“Since the beginning, I have wanted to focus on helping SMEs who didn’t have an internal marketing resource but who wanted support and guidance with their marketing and communication needs to help them grow and develop their business, raise their profile and engage effectively with their audiences.

As I’ve developed the business, I’ve found myself drawn to working with organisations and people who really are values-led and socially conscious; they want to give back to their communities and help spread positivity and support to others.

Helping them develop their marketing strategies so they can still address their key business objectives but also stay true to their values, make a difference to their communities, develop complementary partnerships and authentically connect and engage with their customers, is a real joy.

We work with a number of women to improve their health, social wellbeing, fitness, and mindset by creating a welcoming and non-judgmental place.”

Tell us about a couple of your recent projects

“I’m fortunate to be working with a variety of fantastic clients, both in the public and private sector, who always have lots of marketing and communications action going on, but a few specific lovely projects I’ve recently been involved with, include:

Helping Time to Bloom founder Lubna Khan-Salim to organise an online summit dedicated to female empowerment and solidarity in support of the charity Smart Works Leeds.

Lubna’s business is all about empowering women to be unapologetically you in a world which can be so judgemental on how we look and age. The sell-out, Make a Date with You event, which was partnered by Yorkshire Businesswoman, was a brilliant evening of speakers, panel discussion, treats, and relaxation.

Lubna spoke about the event on BBC Radio Leeds and appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post, The Press, Topic UK, Bdaily, and Business Mondays. The response to the evening was phenomenal and helped raise over £1000 for the charity, which included a pay-it-forward ticket option.

Another recent project was with RJC Plant Services Ltd, which donated an afternoon tea to 50 elderly residents in their local village. ‘Giving back’ is a key value for the organisation and this was just another campaign following a successful Movember fundraiser for a mental health charity.

The story was shared 200 times on social media and they featured in numerous media outlets including BBC Radio York, The Press, Selby Times, Selby Radio, Topic UK, Entirely Media, Ethical Much.

Why is straight-talking so important to you?

“I really value honesty and I think being straight-talking has helped develop transparency, confidence, and trust that is genuinely appreciated by my clients. I know time and money are precious, and I want to help make the best use of that for the people and businesses I have the pleasure of working with.

Marketing and PR can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming for businesses but my straight-talking, friendly approach hopefully helps remove any concerns.

You’ve just given a young woman the opportunity to work with you. How did that come about?

“I’m so excited to have Emily join me! I saw details about the Kickstart programme last year, which aims to give young unemployed people a job and training for at least 6 months in their chosen career. This seemed like a brilliant opportunity for not only the person undertaking the scheme but also for me to develop the business.

As anyone who is self-employed knows, you really do wear so many hats and juggle multiple plates, and it will be lovely to put down a few of those so I can grow and develop Bevic as well as help a young person into employment.

I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team and mentoring younger members of staff, so this is a brilliant chance to do that again.

I was so impressed by the people who applied for the role, and it was a shame I could only take one on, but Emily did so well in her interview, and I believe she’ll be a brilliant addition to the Bevic team!”

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