Module 1: Amplify your Purpose

This module is designed to help you with your purpose – to understand your feelings, emotions and life events that led to it, put your why into action and then put the words around it.

Your why statement won’t come immediately – it will emerge as you go through the six modules and thereafter.

Your peers on the webinar will act as your Mastermind group. You will have ten minutes to feed back your responses to the questions in the worksheet. We will help spot the patterns and find the language with you by asking questions.

They are neutral partners with a desire to help you but no vested interest that will cloud their objectivity.

We will create the conditions for a level of trust so that you are comfortable to open up. To that end, there are a few ground rules. These are:

  • That we reflect back observations and patterns but suspend judgement.
  • That we don’t reveal anything we don’t feel comfortable to.
  • That we are respectful at all times, even if we disagree.

What’s your why?

“Everyone knows what they do. We know how we do it.

But few people know why they do it.” Simon Sinek

Your why is your purpose, cause or belief. By understanding your own values and what drives you, you’ll be able to clearly articulate it to others. And when you’re able to do that, the rest falls into place.

Your why will help you more easily make decisions not only for your business but your personal life too.

Others will be drawn to what you do – because you are at your natural best and that’s contagious!

“When you know your ‘why’ then your ‘what’ has more impact, because you’re working towards your purpose.” Michael Jr.



(You can print the worksheet off by clicking on the box above)

1) Why do you do what you do now?

Was it due to one or more life events that put you on this path?

2) What or who influenced you?

Was it a course you attended? Or something you learned from someone living the life you want to live?

3) What is it that keeps you doing this, even when times are difficult and it would be so much easier to ‘get a proper job?’

4) What is it that comes more naturally to you than to others?

E.g. a calming presence, intuition, innate knowledge.

5) What is the ‘solution’ that you are selling?

Does it give people relief (from pain, from a problem?)

Does it solve an issue for them (anxiety, weight, substance abuse)? Does it make them feel a certain way?

6) How do you deliver what you do?

In person? Remotely? A combination of both?

What do you use? (equipment, techniques, space)

7) Who benefits from your service?

Who are you here to serve? We will cover your Customer Persona(s) in a separate module.

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