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About Igniting Inspiration

Women who are making a positive difference often don’t get the recognition they deserve. They work tirelessly and rarely stop to reflect on the impact that they’ve made on the people around them. They’re usually reluctant to put themselves forward for accolades, because they don’t feel they’re doing anything special.

Too many great stories go unheard! And we’ve witnessed how their achievements inspire even greater action through the ripple effect of learning what’s possible and how others can join in.

That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing the inspirational stories of women changemakers in the North through Igniting Inspiration, our annual online recognition campaign for women changemakers.

Boost your profile through our PR reach

Our campaign, now in its fourth year, has been featured in high-profile publications such as BBC North (our main media partner) i-news and The Voice. This presents a great opportunity for small organisations to benefit from our connections and reach.

By supporting Igniting Inspiration and aligning with our values, you’ll not only build your reputation as a socially responsible organisation, you’ll help us to help incredible Northern women raise their profile too!

We’ve created a few packages for small but perfectly formed organisations like yours who may not have the budget or capacity to bring in PR expertise but would benefit from more profile.

The best part is, the sooner you take up a package, the longer you will benefit from our PR activity, which runs from March until November and beyond.

Igniting Inspiration Campaign Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your campaign different?

Tired of the lack of meaning behind many standard awards formats, we sought to find a way of creating connection and showcasing the valuable work that our nominees do through an online campaign that is visible but also inclusive and supportive.

We’re proud to run (to our knowledge) the only annual recognition campaign in the UK where refugee women, young care leavers, single mums who’ve fled abuse, charity leaders, and businesswomen alike are featured.

We share their stories to communicate deeper issues in society to a wider audience, and bring people together to help solve those issues.

Why are there only six categories? Where’s the corporate category?

Igniting Inspiration isn’t a popularity contest. We believe that ALL of our nominees’ stories are important and we feel that the six categories we’ve chosen effectively reflect our focus. We don’t have a corporate category because there are many other awards for large organisations. It’s as simple as that.

Tell us about the nominees…

It takes a lot to get some of them to agree to be put forward. Take Sada, who faced community recrimination for teaching women self-defence, or Rosie, who helped a family escape modern slavery. Some of our nominees have little in the way of money but all of our nominees have a lot in the way of contribution.

Having built their confidence by being featured in our campaign, a few previous nominees have gone on to receive an MBE, a Diana award and a UK PM Point of Light award.

Tell me more about the PR campaign?

With their consent, each nomination is published as a case study on the Inspiring Women Changemakers website, giving a summary of what they do and links to their social media profiles.

BBC North is our main media partner but some of our nominees have also been featured in the regional and national press, including The Yorkshire Post, The Times and The Voice.

Additionally, the case studies are shared widely across a range of social media channels to our wide audience. For example, one tweet about last year’s Heart of Gold winner received 14,000 Twitter Impressions and 380 Engagements alone!

Over the last four years, we have organically grown a stable and engaged social media following. Our connections include fellow changemakers, businesses large and small, the media, support organisations, policy-makers and other influencers.

If you want to know more about the stats, just ask us for the analytics (but we guess if you’ve read this far, you’re passionate about joining the campaign!)

Anything else?

Just get in touch and ask!