How did the movement come about?

IWC was founded by Anj Handa, a businesswoman and award-winning campaigner. Read her Founder’s words here.

How is Inspiring Women Changemakers funded?

Inspiring Women Changemakers does not and will not seek Government funding. While certain projects may attract bespoke pots of grant funding, the network follows a commercial model. Through experience, we know that we will not have the autonomy to undertake the things we want if we are constrained by funding requirements. This is which your investment in membership matters!

Why is it for women only?

We believe that men are fabulous and have many male friends and business partners that stand alongside us. Sometimes, though,  we sometimes need a space where we can explore our personal challenges with other women.

Men are important in moving this agenda forward too.  Anj says “Through my campaigning work, there were men who helped me get messages out in a way that I couldn’t: retired, white English professional men and twenty-something African male students in particular.  There was something very special about that -#HeforShe in practice!”