Our Mission & Giving Back

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Our Vision

A world where all genders operate on a level playing field and where gender-based violence has been eradicated

Our Mission

To guide and inspire women to speak up about the things that matter to them, to take responsibility, and to take action

Our Values

Our values are Integrity, Fairness, Generosity and Positivity, and we only work with partners who share these values

Our mission – why we focus on women

Individually, Inspiring Women Changemakers members are working towards a range of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Many of our members are working towards these in both their home countries and abroad.

As a collective movement, our particular focus is Goal 5 – Gender Equality. We know that women all around the world experience disproportionate inequalities in pay, health, education and access to finance. As long as these gaps persist, it’s to the detriment of all. This is why we focus on those who see themselves as women and girls, and why ALL parts of society are invited to help us achieve this mission.

Creating Changemakers of Tomorrow

As a social business, we give a minimum of 10% of our time towards developing changemakers of the future.

We this by offering mentoring, giving talks, offering volunteering/development opportunities and by offering free and subsidised workshop spaces to young people and women who are experiencing disadvantage or hardship.

We are also crowdfunding to fund places on our Inspiring Global Citizens programmes. A further £500 is needed to support 20 women in politics students from diverse backgrounds to access the next half of the programme. To donate and help us to develop young changemakers, click on the button below.

Pay it Forward to a Young Changemaker