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Anj Handa

Anj Handa


Hi! I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers. As a dynamic movement of women leading positive social change, we love to connect and collaborate with others.

Our Huddersfield pioneer members, Pavani, Paula, Lisa and Natasha, invite you to hear their stories and to share experiences and opportunities.

You may want to get involved in their work, or even raise awareness of initiatives that you support. All genders are welcome.

Get involved by joining us at Global Diversity Positive Action on 7th August.

It’s a cafe and charity in the centre of Huddersfield committed to empowering, rehabilitating and supporting the community, especially young people.

Our Speakers

Lisa Chothia

Lisa Chothia

Transforming Lives through Nutrition

As a PA and Exec Assistant with over 12 years’ experience working across a range of sectors, Lisa witnessed day to day challenges faced by busy office staff, including their tendency to grab food that was hot and quick but not necessarily nutritious!

Since childhood, Lisa has also worked with horses and it was whilst working on a professional equestrian event and teaching yard that she had an insight.

She noticed how much science, care and time went into preparing the horse’s meals compared to the food consumed by her colleagues. It ignited a burning interest in her own fitness and health, and she moved to London to train at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), juggling this with work.

Then, in 2007, she experienced an unknown illness that left her fighting for her life in hospital. To this day, Lisa firmly believes that without her nutrition knowledge she would not have survived.

Lisa graduated ION in 2010 with the Patrick Holford Award for success in the face of adversity and a strong personal and professional understanding of illness.

Lisa is determined to help as many people as she can to improve their health and wellbeing by giving them practical, easy to implement techniques through her nutrition business ‘The Nutritional Realist’. She is also an Associate with SuperWellness covering the North.

Natasha McCreesh

Natasha McCreesh

Leading Leaders in Liberia

Natasha walked away from a 20-year long corporate management career with no plan other than to only do work that brings her joy. Four years on, her life is unrecognisable and more satisfying than she could ever have imagined.

On this path she became connected with a community in Duwehn Town, Liberia, West Africa and so began a cultural exploration intended to break the cycle of aid.

Through the building of a school, by the community for the community, Natasha is learning more about self-awareness and leadership than she did through any leadership studies or years in corporate.

Each year she takes groups of leaders out to Liberia to demonstrate the undeniable connection between powerful service and transformational leaders.

Natasha believes wholeheartedly that leaders create leaders and through the community of Duwehn Town, this is being realised.

Natasha loves the experience of being totally focused on others and says “There really is nothing like that from a personal growth perspective.”

Natasha is the owner of business consultancy, PiP to Grow Strong.

Paula Atherill

Paula Atherill

Tech Firm Owner and Conservationist

Paula is a Director of tech company, Creative Analysis, who is passionate about conservation and education.

She’s taken part in an expedition to Zambia this July to raise funds for disadvantaged children’s education, which will include animal conservation.

She’s taken part in the adventure, which includes canoeing down the Zambezi, to raise money to sponsor disadvantage children’s education. This education will include animal conservation.

Children in Zambia only get free education up to Year 8. After that, they have to fund their education themselves. Hence the awareness and understanding of the impact of losing critical species goes unknown and unlearnt. This is essential to them and to their futures.

Paula has decided to dedicate her time to working on this cause. It is important to her because she wants to see all animals and people living peacefully together whilst also protecting the environment.

She says "We can make a difference if we put our mind to it and commit. Every small step adds up to significant change. Who are we NOT to make a difference?"

Lynne (Pavani) Ratcliffe

Lynne (Pavani) Ratcliffe

Teacher of Ascension

Pavani has run several businesses, some successful and some not so. She knows what stress is and what it can do.

When Pavani reached 40, she knew deep in her heart there had to be more to life than ‘this’ so she went on the eternal search..

Eventually, she found Ascension Meditation with The Bright Path, which is about rising above the limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves and keep us stuck.

When she attended her very first course almost 20 years ago, she
knew that she had to teach this and share the benefits that she had experienced with others. This was her dream.

However, life got in the way. Financial difficulties meant she had no idea how she would be able to fund herself to become a teacher. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that she finally became a qualified teacher.

Pavani believes that her passion and determination to reach her goal was so strong, that by a miracle, the Universe provided the opportunity for her.

Pavani is also Co-Founder of Everyone Matters.

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