IWC client teams

Developing Purposeful, Productive People

Are you committed to developing your organisation? Do you want to help your employees become the leaders they have the potential to be? Then bring us in to work with your teams, leaders, or your Board.  Through our research-backed leadership programmes, which we tailor to your needs, we give people working within organisations powerful tools and techniques to navigate challenge and change.

Online Training and Consultancy

We have significant expertise in delivering online training and consultancy services – our own programmes and on behalf of our clients. We are also able to advise organisations on to develop and set up their own modular online training programmes.

Free Consultant and Speaker Introduction

During these uncertain times, we are providing an additional free service. Amongst our member community, we have consultants with expertise in Local Authority systems, Governance, IT, Business Continuity and Change Management. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will aim to connect you with a specialist who can help you deliver on your objectives.

As leaders and changemakers, giving talks often comes as part and parcel of your role. Maybe you’ve been called to give an official statement to the media, give a presentation, or even claim an award. We help you to make an impact by deliver in a way that is true to your own personality and style.

We teach you how to communicate through connection as well as content – because data without story fails to engage, and story without data can lack impact. We show you how to engage your audience by using all of your tools – not just your voice!

We support organisations with Public Speaking, Media Handling and Personal Impact Coaching, bringing in industry experts such as international Master of Ceremonies, Minoti Parikh, and veteran journalist, Richard Horsman.

Our clients welcome the practical nature of our workshops and the opportunity to practice tough media interviews with an experienced media professionals within a trusted group setting.

Anj and her colleague, Richard Horsman, recently delivered media handling training to some of our senior team members at CACI. Whilst some of the group had experienced media training in the past, this session far exceeded our expectations in both delivery style and content.

CACIPatrick Tate, Director

Diversity & Inclusion

Is your organisation inclusive and accessible? Are you attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent? We support organisations in two ways – by guiding your diversity or leadership teams on genuine, inclusive practice; and by helping your employees to understand their role as global citizens.

Let us take your employees on a journey of self-discovery, working to enhance their behaviours, attitudes and communication skills. We equip them with a high degree of self-awareness and critical thinking, connecting them to their purpose and their contribution within your organisation.

We specialise in research-backed transformative programmes which are underpinned by a commitment to inclusion. These are led by our Founder, Anj Handa, who was recently named by Forbes as one of ’10 Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazers you need to get familiar with’.

You can also sponsor our Igniting Inspiration Awards to boost your reputation and profile, or fund scholarships through our young people programmes.

Having the team undertake the programme has given me helpful insights into their skills and development needs. This will enable me to conduct reviews and develop roles and succession planning in an informed manner. It has been valuable in terms of shaping my thinking.

EN:Able FuturesJulie Deeley, Acting Head of Operations

Social Impact & Governance

Doing good isn’t a ‘nice to do’. Greater scrutiny is being placed on the way organisations are adding social value, not just by funders but also by the people upon whom your organisation relies – your customers, your suppliers, and the communities around you.

So it’s vital that you communicate your impact to a wide audience. Don’t know where to start? We help you to measure, report, and build on your social value through our tailored services or through our online programme.

We work with leadership teams and Boards to ensure that your commitment to social value is embedded throughout your whole organisation, helping you to put systems and frameworks in place so that you don’t have to rely on outside help in the future.

We also work with Boards to help them understand their responsibilities when it comes to Good Governance. You’ll be in safe hands with our experienced Associates, who themselves hold Board positions and have first-hand experience of the issues you are dealing with.

Anj created a bespoke development session for our Board. Her delivery was great. She’s flexible, knowledgeable about Governance and has given us useful things to consider when we bring in new Board members, to help them quickly grasp what we do and feel confident speaking about our work.

Healthwatch LeedsHannah Davies, CEO

Let’s Work Together

It starts with a conversation with our Founder, Anj. Like an architect, she’ll help you to put clarity around your vision, work with you to draw up your plans and recommend improvements.

As your initiatives take shape, Anj will draw on our Associate team to develop your idea, put in a solid structure and ensure a sustainable model.

We’re great at building the story and creating safe spaces for conversations around change and inclusion. Where needed, we will bring in relevant partners to help you build on what you do.

By providing fresh, though-provoking ideas and different ways of working, combined with our team’s expertise, resources and contacts, we bring your initiatives to life. Get in touch!