Residentials for Charity & Social Enterprise CEOs

Take your Seat at the Table

Hi, we’re Jane and Anj. We’re experienced coaches and non-execs who are tired of seeing talented, female charity and social enterprise CEOs like you  feeling overwhelmed when leading your organisation through times of change.

You’re responsible for the effective running of your organisation: managing budgets, overseeing funding and reporting, aiming to meet the needs of all your stakeholders – your employees, Board, funders, clients, local communities, Councillors, volunteers… It’s a lot to juggle.

We want to help you get the best out of your Board and your teams, and to have a balance between your home life and career. And that’s why we’re excited to have created a day residential, just for you.

On the day, we will place a focus on Governance, influence and impact, creating a welcoming, confidential space to discuss the challenges you’d like to solve. Everything is figureoutable when you’re with supportive peers. Join us.

What’s on the Agenda?

In the morning

Arrive at 10:00 and pull up a chair for a 10:30 start. Over a brew, we’ll introduce ourselves and invite you to tell us about your work and the things that are on your mind, which we’ll address throughout the day.

Anj will lead the morning session, working with you on charity and social enterprise Governance: what you should expect from your Board, and what they should expect from you. She will share her experiences as a Director reporting to a high-profile Board and MPs in her earlier career, and what she expects from her leadership team as the Chair of a charity now.

She’ll then open up the conversation, asking you about your individual experiences as a CEO. You can be assured that she will create a safe space for such confidential discussions to happen, giving you strategies for addressing tricky situations.

There are some issues you might not have been able to discuss with your Board or team, and your well-meaning friends and family usually don’t have a clue. It can feel lonely trying to find solutions alone.

After lunch

Jane will guide you through the afternoon session, leading you through a stakeholder mapping exercise.

She’ll then invite you to speak about the impact that these diverse groups have on your work, to discuss the opportunities and possibilities that can be reached through understanding key stakeholder relationships. She’ll share her insights on how to navigate challenging conversations and to build your influence whilst staying true to your style and personality.

At the end of the day

We’ll finish at 16:00 so that you can avoid peak hour traffic. Before you leave, we’ll agree a way for you to stay in contact with the rest of the group, if you choose. We’ll ask for your feedback to enhance this and future sessions, which will also enable us to shape our content to your specific needs and to share appropriate resources after this first session.


Confidentiality and non-judgemental listening is an important element for all group members. Both Jane and Anj are experienced coaches and they will facilitate the discussions so that everyone gets what they need. And while you will have already had the opportunity to discuss your thoughts as a group, you will also benefit from full focus and attention from your Mastermind group on the topics you’d like to address.

When can I come?

Bookings for Friday 1st May 2020 are now open. Email to book.

Book Now!

Your Investment

Your investment in this first pilot workshop on 1st May 2020 is £375 (VAT not applicable, payable upon receipt of invoice). The rate includes lunch and refreshments. We are delighted to offer a special rate of £325 for early bird bookings paid before 13th March 2020. The venue is in the North West of England, close to Southport.


If you would like to stay in the area overnight and join Anj and Jane for a bird-spotting walk in the morning, there are reasonably-priced hotels nearby in Southport. Details of these can be provided prior to booking. For privacy reasons, the workshop venue address will be released upon settlement of invoice.


The venue is accessible and parking is available. It is dog-friendly so please advise if you do have an allergy to dogs.

Your Workshop Leaders

Anj Handa FRSA

Anj Handa FRSA

With a long-standing focus on women changemakers, I have gained an understanding of the unique set of challenges that female leaders face. I love bringing you together - it’s the thing that lights me up.

Benefit from my experience in guiding Boards and Senior Leadership teams though periods of change. As Chair of an arts charity, I have first-hand experience of leading the organisation through significant change and challenging circumstances to arrive at a strong financial position and brand profile.

As a university Governor, I‘ve provided strategic direction on a £22m capital development. Additionally, as a former member of the Leeds City Region ESIF Board, I’ve had oversight of multiple capital and revenue projects, large and small.

Having completed the Institute of Directors Certificate in Company Direction and with training in charity Governance and the Nolan Principles, I have access to a range of tried and tested resources which I use to support you.
I‘ve been recognised by Forbes for my inclusion work. It’s area where I many charities and social enterprises Boards fall down and I’m happy to advise.

Working with you, I suggest practical, easy-to-implement changes which have a positive impact on both your personal wellbeing and professional effectiveness.

I‘m a Mental Health First Aider and Safeguarding specialist, so you can feel safe that I’ll be able to support you if any personal issues come up. One of my former clients calls me bombproof - ‘you know, Anj, like those police horses that don’t flinch!’

Jane Eckford FRSA FInstLM

Jane Eckford FRSA FInstLM

My mission is to help women like you to build a stronger voice, to influence beyond your immediate structures and to understand some of the barriers and blockers you face in a way that you can take active steps to counter them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with teams of people delivering highly responsive services in times of change and challenge.
As a service practitioner and Local Government Director, I will bring you some of my experience of collaborating and influencing across boundaries, stakeholders & business silos.

I’m committed to public service, and to lifelong learning, and find myself now specialising, as an Executive Leadership Coach, in culture change and leadership resilience.

A Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, I also join Anj as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

I offer supportive and pragmatic insight, as an experienced Non Executive Director, to executive teams who are undergoing change, challenge or increased expectations.

And as a mum who had to juggle child and other care responsibilities, and who put herself last on the list of priorities for too long (as we all do), I can empathise with other women trying to balance a demanding career with family life.