Inspiring Global Citizens

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Developing young changemakers for life in a global economy

Global citizens?

Global citizens are tech-savvy modern leaders who understand the contribution they can make in the world. They’re able to work fluidly across multiple teams to achieve shared goals.

They also have a thirst for knowledge. But while people glean information from all their experiences – in education, at work and at home – global citizenship can’t simply be taught; it must be developed. That’s where we come in.

Developing Leaders

We prepare young people for life within a global economy. We invite them to consider the role that they play at work and in society.

We teach them how to connect the dots and apply their learning to shared societal issues. And we encourage them to share their opinions and explore their own values, whilst working respectfully and harmoniously with others who hold diverse opinions and experiences to theirs.

Broad World View

Our modular programme uses innovative, research-backed models to take participants on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

It aims to improve their behaviours, attitudes and communication skills, preparing them to take on unfamiliar challenges. By equipping them with self-awareness, critical thinking and speaking skills, combined with a clear purpose, they become highly effective global citizens.

The Modules

  • Character – Self-awareness and Personal Values

  • Resilience to Change

  • Finding focus - Effective Time Management and Realistic Goal-Setting

  • Influence and Communication – Attitude and Responses to ‘Control Dramas’

  • Structuring a Talk – Research, Preparation and Delivery

  • Identifying Life Purpose

How we develop Global Citizens

Inspiring Global Citizens is designed to instil confidence and willingness to learn. Participants will also gain access to role models and experts to encourage and inspire them.

The programme is led by our Founder, Anj Handa, a lobbyist, speaker and coach with international experience, recognised for her global campaigning work. Anj is passionate about creating positive social change and has developed over a thousand people as changemakers in the last two years alone. She is multilingual, fluent in German and Punjabi and competent in French and Hindi.

Associates include award-winning journalist, Richard Horsman, who has over 20 years’ experience of training students and professionals in media handling and journalism, Minoti Parikh, a Master of Ceremonies and former sports TV presenter with 1600 global events under her belt, and three-time Paralympic medal winner and character development expert, Liz Wright.