Developing your Women Leaders

Facilitating powerful, purposeful communication at work

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Developing Women in Workplaces

Is your organisation committed to advancing the women in your workplace? Then bring us in to help them become the leaders they have the potential to be.  We coach them in public speaking, and handling the media. We also help you develop your female talent as effective leaders by giving them the tools and techniques to deal with challenge and change through our leadership programmes.

You can also sponsor our annual women changemaker awards to boost your reputation and profile as a values-led organisation, or fund scholarships through our programmes.

It starts with a conversation. Get in touch.

As a leader, giving presentations often comes as part and parcel of your role. Our coaches, international speaker, Anj Handa and former TV presenter and global MC, Minoti Parikh, will help you and your team become great at storytelling.

We teach you how to communicate through connection as well as content – because data without story fails to engage, and story without data can lack impact.

Maybe you’ve been called to give an official statement, give a talk or even claim an award. Learn how to structure your talks, and deliver them with a huge injection of your own personality. We show you how to engage your audience by using all of your tools – not just your voice!

Great day meeting Anj and Minoti for Speak Up with Style training.

If anyone can help you to become a better speaker and provide useful information on the subject, these two are the best!

FramaMike Roberts, RMail Specialist Europe

Female Media Ambassadors

Are you increasingly being called to provide statements to the media? Positive PR can position you as the ‘go to’ within your niche. It enables you to communicate directly with the public, quickly.

Have you been derailed in previous interviews, or missed out important information because you felt under pressure? Let us develop your media handling skills so that you present yourself in the best possible light and stay in control of the conversation.

Our Founder, Anj Handa and our Associate, award-winning radio presenter Richard Horsman work to give you the skills and the confidence to deal with the media, sharing their insights from both sides of the microphone.

Anj gave our CEO, Chair, Comms and Team Manager training in media handling. The session with Richard and Anj was thorough and challenging, in a good way! Fun and useful, it has definitely changed the way we respond to media calls.

Healthwatch LeedsHannah Davis, CEO

Wholehearted Women Leaders

Our modular programmes use innovative, research-backed models to take participants on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

We improve your team’s behaviours, attitudes and communication skills. By equipping them with a high degree of self-awareness, critical thinking and powerful speaking skills, combined with a clear purpose, they become incredible leaders.

Our programmes are underpinned by a commitment to inclusion. Our trainers have expertise in employment and equality law and Governance. and we will tailor your programme to meet your unique needs.

Having the team undertake the programme has given me helpful insights into their skills and development needs. This will enable me to conduct reviews and develop roles and succession planning in an informed manner. It has been valuable in terms of shaping my thinking.

EN:Able FuturesJulie Deeley, Acting Head of Operations

Let’s Work Together

It starts with a conversation with our Founder, Anj. Like an architect, she’ll help you to put clarity around your vision, work with you to draw up your plans and recommend efficiencies.

As your initiatives take shape, Anj will draw on our Associate team to develop your idea, do the measurements, put in a solid structure and ensure a sustainable model.

We’re great at building the narrative and creating safe spaces for dialogue around change. We bring together partners from diverse backgrounds and sectors to effect solutions, working with influencers of all genders.

By providing fresh, though-provoking ideas and different ways of working, combined with the team’s expertise, resources and contacts, we help bring your initiatives to life. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.