#IWCWakey – 19 February, 2019

Relationships: with Yourself, with Others and in Business

Anj Handa

Anj Handa

Founder, Inspiring Women Changemakers

Hi! I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers. We are a dynamic women-led movement for positive social change, inclusive of all.

Our Wakefield pioneer members, Alison, Clare and Gary, invite you to hear their stories and to share experiences and opportunities.

You may want to get involved in their work, or even raise awareness of initiatives that you support. All genders are welcome.

Get involved by joining us at Create, Wakefield on 19th Feb.

It’s a cafe with a social purpose in the centre of Wakefield committed to empowering and supporting the community, especially young people with learning disabilities.

Join us at:
Create Cafe
Burton Street
Wakefield WF1 2EB
19 February, 2019

Introducing Your Speakers

Gary Hibberd

Gary Hibberd

Cyber Security Samurai

Gary is a passionate speaker about all things Cyber related, and runs Agenci, a successful consultancy helping businesses large and small to be better protected in this digital world.

Gary is an international speaker and published author on Cyber Security. His mission is to make our digital universe a safer place for us all, but especially for children.

But Gary will be speaking to us about how he works hard to find balance in his life. How can you build a life that incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit?

Gary will take us on a whistle-stop tour of his life, his daily routine and his outlook. Within it, we might just find something that resonates and helps us find balance too.

Clare Walters PhD

Clare Walters PhD

Absolute Healing Practitioner

The end of the relationship with the man Clare believed to be the love of her life came as a total shock. Reaching rock bottom prompted her to recognise her own part in the drama and unconscious patterns that had driven her choices and behaviour.

Clare now recognises that most of her behaviours and choices were driven by unconscious responses defined by experiences in childhood.

True change involved accessing those early defining memories and using exercises to reduce their influence so they no longer drove her, freeing her to act consciously and build positive, loving relationships.

She now teaches others what she has learned through her practice, Absolute Specialists.

Ali Carruthers-Illingworth

Ali Carruthers-Illingworth

Passionate about People Development

Ali Carruthers, of Purple Pebble People, a Yorkshire based people development company, is a well-travelled organisational development specialist.

For nearly 25 years she has spent time in SME businesses as well as global organisations talking, and teaching, about how we create good and healthy working relationships.

Ali particularly loves inspiring leaders to be wholesome, kind, and authentic in their conversations with others.

She will be contributing to this Relationships focussed session by sharing her story of her relationship with herself and others through grief. In particular how grief influences your decisions and the ripple effect on others of your grief, including co-workers.

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