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What does membership involve?

Your £35 annual pledge supports the running costs of the membership platform. You can use our platform and reach to amplify your mission – if you choose – it can be much as you want it to be. Or maybe you simply want to show your support for our movement for positive social change.

There are various ways you can get involved. You can write a blog for our website, ask us to share your campaigns, have a member spotlight in our fortnightly newsletter, use the member directory or ask for an introduction, or even run an event under the IWC brand using our guidelines. Just ask.

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Why we‘re championing women’s rights

We’re not asking for much! We just want women to have fairer opportunities in the workplace, and to be safe from harm at home and in society.

At all levels, women still experience disproportionate inequalities in jobs, pay, health, education, and access to finance, even though, ironically, they usually have the responsibility for the bulk of caring and household decisions.

If other layers are added, such as race, disability, age, or sexual orientation, women from minority groups face even greater challenges.

When women thrive, we all do. Add your voice to amplify our call for change. Join us.

We’re for you if...

You work in women’s rights and want to exchange ideas with peers, wherever they are in the world

You have an urge to do more to ensure that women get the opportunities and recognition they deserve

You or someone close to you has experienced unfairness or harm and you want to turn those negative experiences towards good

You want to be connected to, and inspired by, women changemakers

You believe this work is needed and want to support us.

Join Us

We’re an inclusive community of people who want to see the world become a safer, fairer place for women, wherever they live and whatever they do.

Join us to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge – because when we get together to tackle the policy and social issues that hold women back, we don’t just amplify our own voices, we advocate for those whose voices are rarely heard.

We’ll make introductions, help to build your campaign, and open doors for you. Simply bring your heart, brainpower, and connections. Get involved!

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The icing on the cake

When you join us, you’re also eligible for a registration fee waiver if you sign up for peer coaching with Conspire Coaching. Visit Our Partners page for more information.

P.S. When you join, your pledge is set up to renew automatically each year but may be cancelled within PayPal at any point.

Photos of IWC members
Natasha McCreesh

Natasha McCreesh

Organisational Development Coach & Leaders in Liberia

I’ve been educated recently on white supremacy and racism by some incredible Women of Colour and True White Allies.

This confirms to me exactly why Inspiring Women Changemakers is a membership community I am proud to subscribe to and why no other ‘women’s group’ has ever appealed to me, they were just too damned white! P.S. The name IWC belies the inclusivity and diversity that you encourage.

Adam Timmins, Head of Fellowship Development, The RSA

The RSA is dedicated to building a diverse and representative Fellowship that can be a meaningful force for positive social change.

The work Inspiring Women Changemakers is doing is a great model for how this can be done.

Dawn Barrett

Dawn Barrett

Inclusive Sport Champion

Since joining this fantastic movement, my life has been changed forever. What a bunch of unique, powerful, kind, strong, passionate, caring and driven group of incredible women, and men, may I add.

If you like meeting fellow professionals but want a different approach from the usual ‘networking’ group, to meet embracing women or men from all sectors and every walk of life, each passionate about their individual cause, I suggest you get involved.