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Inspiring Global Citizens

Inspiring Global Citizens is a modular programme which introduces innovative, research-backed models to develop individuals as global citizens. Our programme encourages participants to consider the role they play in the world and the contribution they can make.

Whether in education or in the workplace, people need to be able to work harmoniously within teams where opinions and experiences are diverse. The programme cultivates a creative and inclusive way of thinking.

We equip them with a level of self-awareness and confidence that will prepare them to take on unfamiliar challenges. By the end, they will be able to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find solutions to wider social issues.

Pria Bhabra on Ripple Effect

Speak Up for Social Action

This half-day workshop has been created to help changemakers communicate their social mission in a way that inspires, influences and engages.

We’ll teach you how to blend facts about social issues with an effective story that connects with your audience. You will learn all aspects of developing and delivering a talk, from creating the structure, to gaining the tools to boost your confidence.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful, rewarding, engaging day. I really appreciate you taking your time and effort to provide such an inspirational day…we cannot thank you enough for your support in helping to challenge a young person.” Dan, Programme Leader, NCS

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