LOVE (You) Personal Transformation Programme

Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers

Coaching for Changemakers ready to boost their profile

LOVE (You)™ – Liberation, Optimism, Values and Energy

LOVE (You)™ is our signature personal transformation programme – for life and career. This powerful modular programme was developed by our Founder, Anj, through hundreds of hours researching and testing the best, science-backed approaches – on herself as well as others.

Throughout, you’ll be given access to a range of tried and tested resources tailored to your individual needs for your self-directed inner work. This work will give you:
  • Liberation

    Liberate yourself from beliefs, responses and relationships that are not helpful to you

  • Optimism

    Optimistically and confidently make an impact in the world

  • Values

    Value yourself and as well as others – understand what drives you and figure out where your values are being compromised

  • Energy

    Energise your everyday life

LOVE (You) modules

For People

If you bring the commitment to make inner change, we’ll give you the skills and resources to become the best version of you. Digging deep and confronting the murky stuff is challenging, but it’s worth it. Trust us!

The programme is delivered via Zoom or call, with homework by email in between. We would usually work together over four to six 90-minute sessions (more if you need it but that’s up to you).

This rolling programme is billed in blocks, with a block of two 90-minute sessions priced at £330. This including exercises and resources sent to you between sessions, which are yours to keep and use indefinitely.

Just want to dip your toe in the water? You’re welcome to join our closed Inspiring Women Changemakers Facebook group, which offers a safe space for women changemakers to gather together, share experiences, support and learn from each other – it’s free!

For Organisations

Some LOVE (You) modules are suitable for delivery within an organisational group setting. Please get in touch for a discussion about how the programme can help your leaders communicate more effectively.