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We enable you to step up and speak up!

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Change starts with You

Our workshops and 121 coaching are designed to help you make an impact as a changemaker. We want you to be seen AND heard.

We give you the skills to speak up and step up – but we don’t forget about your wellbeing. Developing emotional mastery is key to maintaining your energy and directing it in the right way to influence others.

We work with you to find the ways to navigate and lead change with the most balance and ease because we know that’s when you will truly be in your power.

Liz Wright

Liz Wright

Paralympian, Speaker & Character Development Specialist

I’ve always struggled with being confident in speaking up - unusual for a speaker, I know, but there is a MASSIVE difference between speaking on stage and speaking effectively and clearly in challenging situations.

I trusted Anj implicitly to help me sort my ‘stuff’. The difference I’ve seen in myself is HUGE.

Boost your confidence and learn how to speak with impact through our workshops, and 121 public speaking coaching and media handling coaching.

We work with you on content, delivery and structure, helping with specific issues such as confidence, larger or higher profile audiences, speaking up in meetings, or preparing for an important presentation.

We’ve prepared speakers for events ranging from presentations, to sporting events, to TEDx Talks. Clients include a US-based human rights expert, a senior managers in banking and healthcare and even a Paralympian.

Write Powerfully

We teach you how to write to get attention for the right reasons. Our workshops are designed to help you articulate your purpose and bring out your personal style to attract the right clients, supporters or funders.

Learn how to craft a post that makes an impact and gain the confidence to allow your style to evolve. Hear about the best sites for images, understand where and when to post, and where you can blog even if you don’t have your own website.

And most importantly, learn the value of generosity and emotional correctness online as well as offline.

Join one of our residentials located at a luxurious barn in The Yorkshire Dales. We help you to uncover your purpose and bring clarity on the life or work issues that are blocking your full potential. We go deep!

The group that you will join will become your trusted advisors before, during and after your stay. It’s been described as life-changing!

Prefer 121 help? Then consider LOVE (You), our powerful, science-backed, modular programme. For those new to coaching or with a limited budget, read about our partnership with Conspire Coaching.