Speak Up for Yourself

As a changemaker, you will frequently encounter resistance and challenge. How do you handle it?

Before you can advocate for others, you need to start with yourself.

Developing emotional mastery is key to maintaining your energy and directing it in the right way. Dealing with trolls, journalists and even unsupportive friends and family can sap your personal power. I will help you find the ways to respond with emotional correctness.

I love to see the women I work with discover the power of their voice, unapologetically speaking up about the things they believe in.

LOVE (You) Programme

LOVE (You)™ is our signature personal transformation programme and stands for Liberation, Optimism, Values and Energy. It’s aimed at individuals, but some modules are suitable for group work within a leadership development context.

It’s a unique, modular programme that I developed through hundreds of hours researching and testing the best approaches – on myself, as well as my clients.

I’ll help you to:

  • Liberate yourself from unhelpful beliefs, responses and relationships
  • Optimistically and confidently make an impact in the world
  • Value yourself as well as others by understanding what drives you and figuring out where your values are being compromised
  • Energise your everyday life

LOVE (You)

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Emotional Self-Mastery

Emotional Self-Mastery is a bite-sized intensive session designed for those who want to speak up in one or more areas of their lives.

It’s for you if you want to work intensively on your responses to challenge or conflict and you’ve not experienced coaching before now, or you don’t feel ready for a longer coaching relationship.

Have you ever bitten your tongue, or walked away from a situation, later playing out all the things you wanted to say in your head? Have you ever wished that you’d had the courage to say what’s really on your mind?

You’ll learn about four states of interaction that play out in different guises. By identifying these Control Dramas and not engaging in them, you will experience a ripple effect which will create a massive impact on ALL your relationships.

Priced at £150 (excl VAT), you’ll receive your in-depth exercise in advance of a 90-minute call to address where you feel you need to assert yourself more.

Testimonial from Josie Armitage

Testimonial from Elizabeth Wright

Joining In

Just want to explore for now? If so, you’re welcome to join our LOVE (You) Facebook group. It’s closed so that we only invite in women who are willing to both listen and share their own stories.

It’s a safe space for women changemakers to access inspiring, thought-provoking articles, access LOVE (You) taster resources, gather together and learn from each other.

As part of the group, you’ll be the first to hear about new programmes or offers. What’s more, it’s free!