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Purposeful, Powerful Communication

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Boost your skills – and your confidence

We help you to communicate – powerfully and purposefully. As a business leader or as a campaigner/lobbyist leading change, sometimes you’ll have to address stakeholders at short notice

Maybe you’ve been called to give an official statement, to speak to the media, give a presentation, present at an industry event or even claim an award.

Feeling unfocused is not great for your confidence, or for your delivery. Learn how to respond effectively, online and offline through out 121 support or group workshops.

P.S. Hear Anj speak at Institute of Fundraising (24 May), Disorienting Race (29 May), YNYER LEP conference (26 Jun) or Generation Share Book launch (18 Jul)

Dawn Newton

Dawn Newton

Small Business Owner

"The structure... It gives it a focus rather than me just fumbling around for ideas on what to say.

You helped me with my confidence in being able to speak to people, through the tips and skills you gave me and also through your energy and positivity.

You are very talented and knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the privilege of learning from you."

121 Coaching

Boost your confidence and learn how to speak with impact through our 121 public speaking coaching.

We work with you on content, delivery and structure. We help you with specific issues such as confidence, difficult, larger or higher profile audiences, speaking up in meetings, or preparing for an important presentation.

We’ve prepared people for speaking at events ranging from company presentations, to sporting events, to TEDx Talks. Clients we’ve worked with include a US-based human rights expert, a senior NHS manager, a Paralympian and a Partner in a large financial institution.


Speak Up! with Substance and Style! Our lead coaches, international speaker, Anj Handa and former TV presenter and global MC, Minoti Parikh, will help you and your team become great at storytelling.

They’ll teach you how to communicate through connection as well as content – because data without story fails to engage, and story without data can lack impact.

Learn how to structure your talks, and get them across with a huge injection of your own personality. We show you how to draw in your audience by using all of your tools – not just your voice!

Media Handling

PR can benefit businesses of all sizes yet smaller businesses in particular often fail to integrate PR within their marketing plans.

Positive PR can position you as the ‘go to’ within your niche and enables you to communicate directly with the public, quickly. Poor responses can damage to the reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our Associate, veteran award-winning radio presenter Richard Horsman can help. Contact us to find out how we can help get your heard in front of a much wider audience, with you firmly in control of your message.

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