Our Residentials

Bringing you together to accelerate change

Hi! We’re delighted to bring you our residentials, located at Woodland Barn and the Lodge, luxury stone-built properties in the pretty village of Burton-in-Lonsdale, a stunning riverside spot in the Yorkshire Dales.

Connect with like-minded others, extending your network of people that you can really trust. At our residentials, you will come together as trusted advisors to flesh out your ideas, collaborate, and support each other.

We’re passionate about making positive change in society, so just think what will possible when we get our heads together!

The Journey…

Arrive, and set your baggage down

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be made to feel at home. Chat with the others over a cuppa while Anj prepares the first of your tasty, colourful meals. Over lunch, we will begin to get to know each other and start to unwind.


After lunch, we will move to comfy sofas in the living space to discuss what we’d like to get out of our time together. Anj creates a confidential space where you can feel safe to be open and share the things on your mind that you’ve been trying to solve.

As the trust begins to build, you may surprise yourself by articulating something completely different altogether!

We’ll then have a stroll within the property’s two acres or along the adjacent stretch of the River Greta and woodlands before returning for dinner (maybe with a cheeky pub stop on the way).

After dinner, we will retire to the living room, feeling cosy with the underfloor heating and real log fire. That’s when the deeper conversation really starts…

Day 2: Sift and sort

Your wellbeing is important and we often neglect ourselves when we’re focused on leading change. For this reason, you’re given time for a lie-in (yay!) and a leisurely breakfast.

After breakfast, the ‘work’ starts. You might not have a project to discuss, yet. Even when things are going well professionally, life events such as ill health (ours or another’s) or bereavements can shake our confidence and prevent us from working towards our purpose.

Non-judgemental listening is an important element for all group members to stick to. Anj is an experienced coach and Mental Health First Aider and gently facilitates the discussions so that everyone gets what they need. Each participant will have at least one hour’s focus on them.

Day 3: Upon your return home

You’ll head home after breakfast but it doesn’t end there. Each group (if they wish) will continue to support each other online. You will also get to meet other groups at a dinner at least once a year.

When can I come?

Our sixth residential on 9-11 March is now full. Sign up to our newsletter to be advised of the next date.

Book Now!

The all-inclusive rate for the double and twin rooms (single occupancy) and all meals is £450. There’s one single room priced at £420.

Once you confirm you’d like to attend, you will be sent details for immediate payment to secure your place.* Simply e-mail anj@inspiringwomenchangemakers.co.uk

* In exceptional cases, we may be able to arrange payment in two installments.

Feedback from those who’ve gone before

Feedback from Paula Atherill