Neighbourhoods view

We publish every single relevant nomination that we receive so that we can truly celebrate the achievements of women changemakers. We don’t want anyone to feel the disappointment that comes with not winning an award category, so instead we collect and share your stories to help you to start making the right connections throughout the year.

Here are the categories again:

  • Heart of Gold Award for an individual who has made a difference to someone’s life.
  • Community Champion Award for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to their local community.
  • Social Impact Star Award for an individual who has made scalable change in their workplace or community.
  • Diversity-Driven Business Award for a small to medium-sized organisation that is committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Young Changemaker Award for a young woman changemaker aged 18-25.

Additionally, we present a special Bernadette Mary Speight Memorial Award to an exceptional woman agreed on by our judges. The award was created in memory of Bernadette Speight, a former friend and business of our Founder, Anj Handa.

There’s no clunky email submission form either. Don’t you just hate it when something freezes and you lose everything you’ve typed? Instead, download this simple Word document, write down your story and email it back to You can submit right up until 17:30 on 30th November, 2020.

P.S. If you’re not great with words, feel free to make a short video instead, using the questions we’ve asked in the submission form.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do the awards just cover the North? And what do you mean by ‘North’?

Our HQ is in the North and a lot of work goes into holding this event. At the moment, we don’t have the capacity to cover the whole country. To us, the North means the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, etc), Yorkshire and the Humber (Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, etc) to the North East (Newcastle, Darlington, Middlesbrough, etc). If in doubt, just ask us.

When should I submit my nomination?

As soon as possible, up until 17:30 on 30th November 2020. We publish every single nomination on our website and that takes time, so it really helps us if we can spread this out.

Do I have to get someone’s permission to nominate them?

Yes, please. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that each nomination is published on our website and shared on social media. That means they can reach far and wide. It’s great for PR for their business or cause but does mean that they are visible.

Also, we find that answering the questions about what they’ve learned and what challenges they’ve experienced comes best from them. Maybe you could write it together?

Do I have to complete each section?

Yes. This is where working on it with the nominee or getting someone to write it with you would help.

Can I send in extra evidence?

No. One side of A4 only, please! This isn’t a popularity contest. We simply want to share the stories of women in the North who are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

What are the scoring criteria?

Our three judges score each nomination from 1-10 on innovation, impact, collaboration,  consistency, and personal growth. They also make a general comment. They take into account not only the highest scores but also the underlying story. If they can’t agree on a decision, we bring in a fourth, impartial judge.

When do we find out who’s the winner in each category?

The deadline for nominations is  30th November and we will let everyone know the outcome by the 11th December.

Do I have to pay to attend the celebration event?

The one woman showcased in her category will have a free, guaranteed place. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer other nominees a free ticket.

Saying that, if you really want to come and genuinely don’t have the funds to attend, do tell us. We sometimes have a Pay it Forward ticket or a non-refundable place that we might be able to allocate to you.

Have we forgotten anything?

If there’s anything we haven’t answered, just ask. Contact us via Messenger or drop us an email.