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We publish every single relevant nomination that we receive so that we can truly celebrate the achievements of women changemakers, sharing your stories to help you to start making the right connections throughout the year.

Each year, we present a special Bernadette Mary Speight Memorial Award to an exceptional woman who has stood out for us with the impact of her work. The award was created in memory of Bernadette Speight, a former friend and business of our Founder, Anj Handa.

There’s no clunky email submission form either. Don’t you just hate it when something freezes and you lose everything you’ve typed? Instead, download this simple Word document, write down your story and email it back to

P.S. If you’re not great with words, feel free to make a short video instead, using the questions we’ve asked in the submission form.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I submit my story?

Any time throughout the year.

Do I have to get someone’s permission to nominate them?

Yes, please. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that each nomination is published on our website and shared on social media. That means they can reach far and wide. It’s great for PR for their business or cause but does mean that they are visible.

Also, we find that answering the questions about what they’ve learned and what challenges they’ve experienced comes best from them. Maybe you could write it together?

Do I have to complete each section?

Yes. This is where working on it with the nominee or getting someone to write it with you would help.

Can I send in extra evidence?

No. One side of A4 only, please! This isn’t a popularity contest. We simply want to share the stories of women changemakers who are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Have we forgotten anything?

If there’s anything we haven’t answered, just ask. Contact us via Messenger or drop us an email.