Speak up for Social Action

Calling all Changemakers…

Let us help you be heard, without raising your voice

At Inspiring Women Changemakers, we are passionate about the boosting people’s confidence and profile by helping them to discover the power of their voice. So we created Speak Up for Social Action, to help changemakers communicate their social mission in a way that inspires, engages and encourages action!

Through our workshops, we encourage young adults to share their views. We help them raise awareness of challenging subjects such as mental health, gender-based violence and political issues.

We do this by creating an open and supportive space within which changemakers can develop their critical thinking and researching expertise, as well as their presenting skills.

Getting your message on point

Getting your messaging right is crucial when raising awareness of social issues to engage supporters. Over-sensationaling the story or believing that expecting everyone to agree often has the reverse effect.

We teach the art of blending facts with a powerful story and providing an easy-to-implement call to action. Participants learn how to structure their talk so that they can slot in relevant information, sandwiched between a strong start and finish. Too many people miss these simple steps.

But structure is only one element of a successful talk. We also help changemakers improve their delivery. We do this by eliminating certain words, working on their body language and posture. Participants are also given the tools and techniques to boost their confidence and steady their voice.

What we’ll cover

  • Understanding your ‘why’

  • Structure - creating your framework

  • Content - elements of your talk

  • Delivery - embracing your personal style

  • Techniques to boost confidence

  • Inviting questions

  • Engaging supporters

  • Identifying Funding and Partners