Speak Up for Others

We coach changemakers to become great speakers

As a business leader or as a campaigner/lobbyist leading change, sometimes you’ll have to address stakeholders at short notice

Maybe to give an official statement, to speak to the media, give a presentation, present at an industry event or even claim an award. Feeling unfocused is not great for your confidence or your delivery.

We know what it’s like to encounter a difficult question or handle a challenging person in the audience. So we’d would love to show you how to respond effectively: online and offline.

Speaking Up – Coaching

We teach you how to influence through using your voice – and your personality.

Our lead coaches are Anj Handa, an international lobbyist and Minoti Parikh, a highly experienced Master of Ceremonies and former sports TV presenter.

Women are great at storytelling, communicating through connection as well as content. But sometimes they revert to the ‘done’ way. Data without story fails to engage, and story without data may lack impact.

You’ll learn how to structure your talks, and get them across with a huge injection of your own personality. We show you how to draw in your audience by using all of your tools – not just your voice!

If it’s media handling training you need, read on.

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Let’s discuss how we can work with you or your organisation, or check out Eventbrite for the next open session.

Book Anj to speak at your conference

Anj loves to share her practical tips for social impact with your delegates.

As a lobbyist of over 15 years, originally in employment and skills policy, she’s spoken in the UK and abroad, in venues as diverse at The House of Commons, the Palace in Brussels and in Tarrytown, New York – home of Sleepy Hollow!

Anj has presented to audiences as intimate as 35 and as large as 350. Her talks focuses on two key areas and can be tailored to your objectives.

  • The Power of Connection (based on her global FGM campaigning story) and,
  • Emotional Correctness in Leadership

P.S. Hear Anj next at Getting to Grips with Google, York on 23rd Aug and Annual EA & PA Summit, Paris, 13-14th Sept 2018.

Media Handling

If it’s media handling skills that you’re looking to develop, our Associate, veteran award-winning presenter Richard Horsman can help. He trained Anj nine years ago and look how that turned out! Just contact us in the usual way to find out more.

Extra Help

If you are about to deliver a talk and would like help or feedback beforehand, we can offer a 30 or 1 hour phone/Skype/email support option to boost your confidence and help you nail your talk.

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