Invest in Women Changemakers – Sponsorship Opportunities

Set your organisation apart with a genuine commitment to inclusion

Women who are making a positive difference at work or in society often don’t get the recognition they deserve. They work tirelessly and rarely stop to reflect on the impact that they’ve made on the people around them. They’re usually reluctant to put themselves forward for accolades because they don’t feel they’re doing anything special.

Too many great stories go unheard! And we’ve witnessed how their achievements inspire even greater positive social action. That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing their inspirational stories, online and offline. Our PR campaign has even been featured in publications such as BBC North, our main media partner, the i-news and The Voice.

We’ve created a small number of exclusive packages for organisations who wish to demonstrate their commitment to social impact and inclusion by supporting Igniting Inspiration, our annual recognition campaign for women changemakers. By investing in this highly publicised non-profit initiative, you will raise your profile as a socially responsible business.



Ignited Sponsor

You wish to enhance your reputation as an organisation that cares – about your employees,  your partners, and your customers present and future. Sponsorship at the Ignite level allows you to show your support for the award category that is most closely aligned with your organisation’s values.

Your brand will be featured on our website and within our marketing materials.

This sponsorship option is available at £1500, which includes the above benefits and a one-hour bespoke leadership development session with our Founder for you or your team.

Inspired Sponsor

You know how important it is to ignite action and want your company to be seen as a catalyst for positive change. Sponsorship at the Inspired level allows you to align your brand with ours through this unique campaign. We will work with you to integrate the inspiring stories of our entrants into your marketing programme, showing your customers where your values lie.

We publish every single nomination on our website, sharing these widely across social media. Your logo will feature prominently on each nomination, demonstrating your support and ensuring that your brand gets the profile it deserves.

It goes without saying that your brand will also appear in all our marketing and event materials. We receive significant coverage by the media, in addition to our own wide-reaching social media channels, which have engaged followers from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

This sponsorship option is available for £3000 which includes the above benefits and a one-hour bespoke leadership development session with our Founder for you or your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your campaign different?

Tired of lack of meaning, we sought a way of turning standard awards events on their head.  We’re proud to run (to our knowledge) the only annual campaign event in the country where refugee women, young care leavers, single mums who’ve fled abuse, charity leaders, and businesswomen are featured and proactively introduced to each other, and to people who can support their aims.

Our campaign is about meaningful connection and inclusion. Indeed, revenues don’t even cover the time investment involved in delivering our unusual but powerful format. That’s why we need your support.

We don’t have a budget this year. How else can we support you?

You could contribute to our bursary fund for young changemakers, or offer in-kind support – contact us to discuss options. Even if you’re not able to become a sponsor this year, let’s discuss how we can integrate it with your CSR and PR plans for next year.

Tell us about the nominees…

Previously featured changemakers have gone on to receive an MBE, a Diana award, and a UK PM Point of Light award. Every nominee receives a certificate – by email or in person if they attend. They all deserve recognition.

It takes a lot to get some of them to agree to be put forward, such as Sada who faced community recrimination for teaching women self-defense as well as English, or Rosie who helped a family escape modern slavery. They have little in the way of money and a lot in the way of contribution.

What about PR?

Each nomination is published as a case study on the Inspiring Women Changemakers website so that journalists and partners like you can repurpose them for your own marketing activity. We seek consent from nominees prior to publishing on our site so that you don’t have to.

BBC North is an active partner in the awards and some of our nominees have also been featured in the regional and national press, including The Yorkshire Post, The Times, and The Voice.

Additionally, the case studies are shared widely across social media across a range of channels to our wide audience. Just ask us for the analytics.

Anything else?

Just get in touch and ask!