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Inspiring Women Changemakers Partnership with The RSA

By Anj Handa

We are delighted to launch our new membership package today. From launching 18 months ago, I have sought a way to support changemakers all over the world who want to become part of the Inspiring Women Changemakers movement.

As a social business, supporting women changemakers through Pay it Forward options and corporate sponsorship have been parts of our model.

Based in Yorkshire, UK and determined to test our events and initiatives before expanding more widely, I knew the way to include more women was through a digital offer – but it had to be more than just a platform.

That’s why I was delighted to be approached by global organisation, The RSA. By partnering with them, our members will benefit from a joining fee waiver. As RSA Fellows, they will be able to access funding and other support that we, as a young organisation, are not able to offer.

Adam Timmins, Head of Fellowship Development at The RSA says:

“We are dedicated to building a diverse and representative Fellowship that can be a meaningful force for positive social change.

The work Anj Handa FRSA and Inspiring Women Changemakers are doing is a great model for how this can be done, and we are delighted to offer their members fast-track applications for RSA Fellowship with a waived registration fee through this partnership.”

To read more about the partnership, read my blog on The RSA website or visit the Join Us page on our website.