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Lindsay McGlone

Lindsay McGlone has been nominated by IWC member Heidi Mavir. Heidi says “Doncaster-based Lindsay (known as The Fierce, Fat Feminist) is one of the finest young women I know!

She has carved out a place as one of the most well-respected Fat Activists, using her considerable social media presence to highlight issues around fatphobia and the marginalisation of larger bodies. She is an incredible inspiration and support to many.

At just 22, she is one of the most influential young women in the UK highlighting this issue, with a large Instagram following.” Over the past year, Lindsay has been filmed by The Guardian. The documentary will be launched in Spring 2021 and will include footage of her receiving her Young Changemaker Award.

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Who has she helped/who will she help?

“A survivor of horrendous childhood bullying, Lindsay speaks candidly about her experiences of living in a body that society finds unacceptable. She tirelessly speaks out against unrealistic beauty standards, fat stereotypes, and the toxicity of diet culture.

She has taught me so much about fat acceptance and what that REALLY means. I recently had the privilege of working with her on THRIVE – a live event with guests from marginalised groups, held at Cast in Doncaster. She is working hard to deconstruct fatphobia and dismantle the negative connotations associated with those living in larger bodies, changing the world one opinion at a time.”

Lindsay helps fellow fat folx fight against fatphobia and helps others realise how their language could be/is damaging to larger bodies.

Lindsay’s activism makes life that bit easier for people living in larger bodies and she is making the world a safer place for fat people, who are often the victims of abuse and discrimination.”

What’s worked?

“Lindsay and her community were responsible for the delisting of a discriminative Air BNB listing in just 48 hours. The air BNB listing stated that no persons over 16 stone or with eating disorders could stay at the property.

Lindsay has also changed opposing opinions on issues such as ‘Fat tax’, most notably on a live TV broadcast hosted by Nicky Campbell –Crossing Divides LIVE – 5 live – BBC.

What has she learned? Any challenges?

Lindsay says: “The main challenge is constantly having to prove that fatphobia is real. My work highly relies on people firstly understanding what fatphobia is to then be able to apply it and see things through her and other fat folx eyes.

I have also come up against criticism for being “too common”, “not articulate enough”, “bad at spelling” (I’m dyslexic), and “sloppy”. I’ve learned that not everyone will understand or believe in fatphobia but to start with the people are ready to listen. It’s the best place to start in changing minds.”

What’s next?

Heidi says “Lindsay has recognised that businesses do not make their stance clear on issues such as weight stigma, transphobia, and ableism. Her next campaign will be in the aim to hold businesses accountable and to educate in the hopes of protection for employees and customers alike.

In 2021, Lindsay aims to curate a group of activists to tackle discrimination against larger bodies within corporations and businesses.”

Why we’re sharing these stories

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