Photo of Sarah Bashir-Khan, Shire Solicitors

Sarah Bashir-Khan

Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE of Shire Solicitors has been nominated by Minoti Parikh. Minoti says “Sarah is committed to putting something back into the community. After qualifying as a solicitor, she joined the Office of the Force Solicitor for West Yorkshire Police.

One of the initiatives she was involved with was the creation of a protocol to be followed by the courts and partner authorities in order to case manage civil applications brought by the police to the magistrates’ courts. This model was adopted by several police forces.

She has also trained officers from the NCIS in cultural awareness programs and provided specific training in relation to Muslim communities in West Yorkshire.”

Who has she helped?

“Sarah is currently the Chair of Mosaic Yorkshire and also sits on its National Advisory Board. Mosaic is a Princes’ Trust Charity which delivers mentoring programs within schools and prisons in order to raise aspirations and enhance the employability of young people.

She is also a founding Trustee on the Board of the Bradford Police Museum, which aims to highlight the history of the Bradford Police Service.

As a lawyer, Sarah’s passion is and always has been to assist those who need help the most. Her work within the community has highlighted the need for more awareness around the registration of religious marriages.

She is passionate about protecting the legal rights of vulnerable women who may not be aware that their religious marriages are not recognised by English law.

Since knowing Sarah, I have personally witnessed the number of people she has gone out of her way to help. She genuinely wants to be there for anyone who needs help.

She supports a lot of women (often pro bono) who are in need of guidance and advice in terms of their legal rights in marriage.

Sarah does a great deal of voluntary work to train young adults in employability skills across Bradford. I was fortunate to be a part of a massive program she undertook to visit schools and hold workshops for the young adults to bridge the skills gap.

She has also launched an apprenticeship program to train young adults studying to be solicitors. All this is over and above all the work she does with Mosaic Trust.”

What’s next?

“Sarah is definitely one of the most inspiring women I have met. She is compassionate yet practical and is always very ‘action’ focused. She does not let any challenge stop her from sticking to her purpose and her desire to serve the community.”

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