Photo of Hannah Davies, Healthwatch Leeds

Hannah Davies

Hannah Davies, CEO of Healthwatch Leeds, has been nominated by Dex Hannon. Dex says “On a wider scale, Hannah’s passion for putting people’s voices at the heart of all health and care services is infectious.

She has ensured that real-time people’s experiences are being used by decision makers in Leeds to make improvements to people’s lives.  She has also been instrumental in making the Big Leeds Chat a real and effective citywide collaborative event.

Hannah has also been at the forefront in our focus on mental health in the year that she’s been with us – pushing for a whole system approach to making changes in the way that mental health crisis care is provided.

On a smaller scale, Hannah’s passion for change has given our staff team and volunteers a renewed drive for making positive changes to health and care and she has also created a mentally healthy workplace culture.”

Who has she helped?

“It will help all people in Leeds, especially those most in need. She recognises that there are communities within Leeds who don’t always get an opportunity to share their experiences.  She has set up an ‘Inclusion for All’ action group where providers/commissioners and those who access services from across Leeds will work on ensuring all communities are included and have equal access to health and care.”

What’s worked?

“The Big Leeds Chat has managed to bring decision makers to the citizens of Leeds to have conversations about what matters to people. Something that hasn’t happened before.

Resources have also already been developed following the Mental Health Crisis Care, such as the new information on the Mindmate website about what to do if you’re in a crisis.  This was a direct result of Hannah’s leadership role.

In general, Hannah has got the city thinking more carefully about involving real people in the decisions about health and care.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“There is a massive drive in the city to work together as one team, but there is still a long way to go. Each organisation has its own goals and managing to align them all and keep all partners happy is tough. Listening to other cities, it does feel Leeds is much further on though.”

What’s next?

“November 7th – the Second Big Leeds Chat! Go and find out what matters to people in 2019. Has it changed? Are they happy with what the city of Leeds has done to answer their feedback from 2018?”

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

“We are always looking for volunteers to help us continue our work. Volunteers are a massive part of our work, taking part in surveying, making films and analysing data. We want them to really make the most of using their skills and knowledge.”

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