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Emer Galvin

Margaret MB has nominated Emer Galvin of Glasshouse Gallery, Leeds. She says “I believe strongly Emer deserves a nomination for her Heart of Gold. Although the busy owner of Glasshouse Gallery, she is always open to a chat, not only about her beautiful items, but about life in general.

I have witnessed a few times how customers have initially come in for a present, then started to open up about themselves. They leave the shop feeling generally uplifted, with an inspiration that has little to do with their purchase.

Emer is celebrating her shop’s 10th anniversary not by promoting her own business but by fundraising for Carers Leeds. She’s also invited other local businesses to take part, celebrating and bringing about community spirit rather than her own achievements. She often puts the spotlight on those who often help others, but are never recognised for their often unpaid work.”

Who will the initiative help/who has it helped already?

Recently, Emer has gone on to create a safe space for Glasshouse Gatherings to take place on Sundays when the shop is closed. These are workshops where people can express the more magical side of themselves – that part of us, especially within women, that is being silenced by societal and cultural constructs.

I do know it is a business as the workshops she offers space for are not free, but the fact that such space exists and that it is Emer who makes it cosy, is really inspiring. If that’s not a Heart of Gold, then I don’t know what is!

Carers Leeds is benefiting directly from Emer’s support through her fundraising – here’s the link to donate. Indirectly, her gatherings inspire people to take their own power back and express themselves. They also encourage them to practice self care more consciously through the techniques they learn at the workshops Emer organises.

What’s worked?

Bringing people together in a safe, beautiful and welcoming space. Emer simply being herself. Without acknowledging it herself, she’s a great connector, often putting people who are interested in similar issues in contact with each other.

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

Running a small business is ever-challenging!

What advice, contacts or resources would help?

This is a question for Emer, but I suppose funding so that she can offer some free events and make them accessible to those who would otherwise not have such an opportunity for personal growth and making connections with others.

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