Photo of Evelyn Nyamayedenga

Evelyn Nyamayedenga

Evelyn Nyamayedenga has been nominated by Jen Roberts, who says “Evelyn is a social work leader. I’m nominating her because she is known as a natural storyteller who inspires other social workers to reconnect with their purpose and to be inspired and motivated.

I believe that Evelyn will be able to tell a powerful story that will shed some light on the important work of child social workers. Sharing her story is something she has a real talent for and I think the world would benefit from hearing it.”

Who has she helped?

“Social work is a challenging job and there are many times when social workers succumb to the pressures around them. It is at these times when Evelyn comes in and reminds social workers about what made them join the profession.

She reminds them that though its challenging, and sometimes difficult, they will always be able to make a difference in people’s lives if they remember that one thing that made them join the profession. Evelyn retains a committed team of social workers when many other team leaders have trouble retaining them.

It’s such a difficult, emotional job and she has a special talent for inspiring others through story telling and holding a space for their emotional wellbeing. Recently, at an leadership development event for social work leaders, Evelyn shared her story about why she is a social worker. All were moved and inspired.”

What’s worked?

“Evelyn’s narrative, called ‘a voice for the voiceless’ inspires others to remain in the profession. Her colleague’s see her unique talent for being heard by those who make decisions in particular. She has a powerful voice and she uses it for good.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“She’s learned from her mom and Nelson Mandela that even though there are struggles, you can remain positive and make it through. Positivity and resilience.”

What’s next?

“To continue to inspire social workers to give their all, to give their best, and to do what they do best despite what’s happening around them.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help?

“Evelyn’s dream is to open a mental health services centre for Afro-Caribbean youth. She is aware of a lot of stigma in these communities and knows that there is a gap in services. She would love to connect with people who would be interested in supporting and funding her to begin this journey.”

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