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Katrina Cliffe

Katrina Cliffe has been nominated by her team member, Laura Batchelor. Laura says “As Founder and MD of KC Communications, Katrina is the definition of a Changemaker.

Despite running a busy and successful PR and marketing agency, Katrina dedicates a lot of her own time to community projects to help raise the profile of her home town and its community in a positive light as well as offering the services of the agency and the team to these projects also.

As a Huddersfield-based business, Katrina realises that Huddersfield often gets negative press but nobody ever sees that amazing things that the community is doing in business and consumer sectors.

Katrina is a massive advocate of making sure that Huddersfield is seen as a destination to be proud of and as such volunteers a lot of her time and money to making sure that this happens.”

Who has she helped/will she help?

“Katrina actively supports organisations making a difference to our local community. As an example, she initiated the agency working with organisations such as Huddersfield Live who host the annual Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival and the Winter Festival. She offers our time pro bono to provide PR support to help promote their events.

Earlier this year she nominated Huddersfield Live in the Huddersfield Examiner Community Awards, which they ultimately won. Katrina is also on the board community group Huddersfield Unlimited, which seeks to positively raise the profile of Huddersfield to enhance the opportunities available across the whole town of Huddersfield, around areas of inward investment, business start-ups, job creation and more.

She gifts many hours of business and personal time to engage in board meetings and also meets with representatives from the Council and the Leeds Enterprise Partnership to ensure Huddersfield does not miss out on its fair share of opportunities. Through her involvement in this, KC Communications are in the process of providing 6 months’ pro-bono PR and marketing support, worth a total of £8100. The support includes promoting positive news stories through various channels.”

What’s worked?

“Earlier this year, Katrina decided to run a start-up competition to local Huddersfield start-ups to give them a positive start and to promote businesses staying in the town. The package was worth a total of £24k and included 12 months of marketing support worth £15k with the additional amount made up in services from additional businesses in the Huddersfield area.

We now work with the Yorkshire Sound Women Network, a local CIC that promotes women in the music industry, providing strategic marketing support.

Katrina also announced plans to launch Huddersfield’s first Business Week. The event which took place between 30 Sept and 4 Oct 2019 and resulted in 40 events across the week. During this week, Katrina organised a charity quiz night that sought to raise money to put at least four young people through a video game development workshop to enhance local skills and ambitions.

To bring this week to life KC Communications input over £8000 worth of time and approximately £3000 financially into supporting collateral such as website etc., all at Katrina’s direction. Huddersfield Business Week was a massive success, attracting attendees from as far afield as Liverpool, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Bradford, Manchester and Leeds.

56% of hosts surveyed said that they had received new leads or new business as a direct result of hosting the event. The town received £28,000 in press value through PR placed, with a reach of 980,000, meaning that just under a million people saw the positive message showcasing the business community in Huddersfield.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

Katrina says “That having a passionate and dedicated team behind that work I do is key!”

What’s next?

Laura says “Through her role at KC Communications and building her network, Katrina has found that she has an expansive network within the local community and therefore looks to leverage this strength for the good of the community. She works tirelessly to ensure that these projects are successful.”

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