Photo of Claire Worthington

Claire Worthington

Claire Worthington has been nominated by Simone Callagham. Simone says “Claire gives her time, energy and skills selflessly to her local community.  Whether its championing young people with ADHD, supporting their parents and carers or equipping her local community with digital skills she’s always up to something.

Most of this work she does voluntarily and helping others is actually a very expensive hobby of hers which we joke about often.

There really is no end to this woman’s talents and I’d like to let her know how valuable she is and that I and many others, acknowledge and see her selfless work locally.  She is most definitely our Community Champion!”

Who has she helped/who will she help?

“Claire runs a well established charity called SPACE to support parents and carers of children with ADHD.  She has helped hundreds of people in Stockport and beyond and continues to be a champion for fighting the myths around ADHD.

Her champion duties don’t end there though!  She is also a key advocate of challenging diversity stereotypes head on regarding black women in tech, as she shares her own personal experiences in blog posts such as ‘I’m a rhinoceros not a unicorn’ and gives frequent, and more often than not free talks, to raise awareness of the need for diversity in the tech sector.”

What’s worked?

Claire is also currently supporting us at The Goodness Collective CIC to develop greater connections between the business and voluntary, community sector across Stockport for the mutual benefit of all parties.  She’s provided a fresh perspective, gentle challenge and a whole host of digital skills that support our local VCSE sector and promote our activities to the business community.”

Why we’re sharing these stories

An individual or organisation from each of our five categories will be recognised at our Igniting Inspiration recognition event in November, but we want to publish all relevant stories to spread awareness of all the positive work that goes on in the North!