Photo of Falak Desouki

Falak Desouki

Falak Desouki has been nominated by Musserat Rahman. She says “My name is Falak, I also came though the UN Resettlement programme with my son. I am the other half of Pistachios Foods Company. I set it up with my friend Sandy who is also from Syria.

I am originally from Aleppo, Syria, which is renowned for its food. So I thought why not use my skills as a cook. I am a fantastic cook and I thought why not use my skills to cook food as well as Syrian desserts and treats. There was no other person or persons representing my country and its food and that is where my passion is right now,  exploring  Syrian foods.”

Who have you helped/who will you help?

“Setting up a business will help encourage people like me, in my circumstances as a refugee who has come into the UK and set up a life. Having a business idea or opportunity is possible and inspiring  others in similar circumstances to have a goal, will keep them focused and help build a life.

This will also make the critics think twice before calling people like me a drain in the system, I have shown that I am capable of more.”

What’s worked?

“Just being inspired to have an idea and also the practical skills to go with it. I am fully qualified and have a  few certificates under my belt and am looking to expand on my education where necessary in relation to food.

Having products and sample sets available from a selection of my delicacies has been fantastic for others to try. This has helped my business thrive and helps bring in new customers as well.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“To have the get up and go! To really push myself, to trust in myself and my products. These speak for themselves and I have had positive feedback from many people and that is really crucial for my business idea to flourish.”

What’s next?

“Continue to promote my business ideas: expand on my products and look at the creating of Syrian Cuisine, in the form of either takeaway food, a la carte menu and maybe hosting food nights.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

“I need contacts, funding, sponsorship, help with marketing  and anything else  people would like to offer me in regards to my business ideas.”

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